Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dance Moms Evaluation: 1/29/2013

Dear Abby Lee Miller,

Stop. Just stop. I'm so sick of listening to you verbally abuse these children and disrespect their mothers. You talk all the time about how the mothers never give you respect, well the same to you. These women are your customers. Every heard of always treating the customers with respect? Or the customer is always right? These women are PAYING you. You always complain about how you're all alone, the studio is your livelihood, you don't have a husband to pay your bills... no, but you have these women to pay all your bills. Yet you constantly yell at them and treat their children like... like a monster.

In today's episode you yelled at Maddie for "sitting in the parking lot" instead of coming to class. You told her "that was hurtful" that she would not come to class after all you have done for her. Because you favor her. And you can't even deny it anymore. But you won't favor her anymore because her mom stood up for what she believed in. I applaud Melissa and the other moms for what they did. They stood in the parking lot in a silent protest to stand up for Kelly and her kids because you won't. Melissa did something wonderful and set a wonderful example for her daughter. But you, Abby, won't let it be known as a good example, you want to use it to punish a 10 year old.

Stop picking on Mackenzie. She's a little girl. Stop comparing her to her sister (that you don't even seem to like anymore). Stop telling her she isn't good enough. She's a little girl, you can tell she is doing all she can. She loves and adores you yet you treat her terribly! You are verbally abusing this child! You're ruining her self image and causing her to never settle for anything less than perfect. Melissa repeated said in this episode "everyone makes mistakes" even YOU Abby. You make a terrible mistake by yelling at these children the way you do.

Also stop picking on Chloe. Chloe is incredibly talented! She's a national title holder, she won a special award at a recent competition for how wonderful she is at expressing herself through dancing and she's always sat back quietly and done whatever you tell her to do. If she can't do a standing back tuck, GIVE HER A BREAK! She ended up doing it very well!! But you don't care, you blame your 4th place on it.

"You go from a national win to 4th place!" ...correction. In order of sequence, they went from national win, to first, to first, to first, to fourth. Come on. Give these girls a break. I realize fourth isn't all that great. I was very disappointed in my ballroom team when we came in third. Fourth is disappointing, but it's not the girls fault if you put in tricks they can't do and TEACH THEM A FREAKIN DANCE IN LESS THAN A WEEK AND EXPECT THEM TO ALWAYS WIN!! I just... ugh... I don't have much more to say on the subject. Just know, I'm angry.

Lastly, Abby, as a future school teacher and (hopefully) dance teacher, I am mortified that you live out your dreams through these children. Here's my guess: your mom was your dance teacher, but you weren't good enough for her. So you started your own dance studio at fourteen because you couldn't dance. Now you're living your dance dreams through these children, and you won't settle for anything but perfection, even though you yourself were not a perfect dancer. It is a shame. You are a HORRIBLE teacher. Teachers are suppose to be an example, kind and always teaching. You just yell, yell, yell and treat these children like crap.

I don't know if I can watch this season anymore. Sorry producers, but adding in all this drama is stupid. I just like to watch the girls dance... but not when their being forced to dance by a selfish big idiot. Sorry, but I might be too angry to watch anymore.

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  1. I am a former dancer. A dance instuctor will always have something to say about their dancers because they want nothing but the best for them. Abby wants to create these dancers into stars. Abby sees so much potential in Maddie that she knows in her heart that Maddie has a chance of a big title. She wants nothing but these young ladies to have as much passion as she does. Abby cannot pacify them or be to lenient on them because non of them would work as hard as they do. I stopped dancing but I still have passion in this area. No, all of these girls are not on the same level and yes some are better in other areas of dancing then others. I look up to Abby and I truly believe that she is doing all that she can do for these dancers to reach their full potential, become better dancers, and win great titles. Many might overlook the fact that these kids are like Abby's children. Not one parent wants to see their child fail. When a parent knows that their child can do better than what they are intended to do, they will push them to the highest potential. This is what Abby is doing with her children. She is here to not harm them but help them, and mold them in creating something they wish to be... DANCERS. If no one likes it, there is nothing they can do about it because you see these parents are still paying Abby thousands of dollars to coach them.


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