Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I love this video:

I live in Utah. Lately our weather has been a little like this:

I walk to work everyday so I look similar to this:

Except not, because my winter coat is adorable!!! It looks like this:

I also don't normal look like that. I was on lots and lot of cough and cold medicine because I was suffering from one of the worst colds of my life, I slightly look drunk in this picture but I promise I was not. Also, I don't normal look that fat. And I have lost weight since then. Because I have to in order to fit into my size 4 wedding dress.


Anyways, my point of this post is the video at the top. I've been freezing, literally freezing. Our poor dog. Who, in warmer weather, looks like this:

Has had her water bowl LITERALLY freeze over everyday. And while she normally sleeps outside, we've had to take her in, because when it's like 2 degrees outside, that's really dangerous for her health.


I went ice fishing on Saturday and walked across an entire frozen lake. I'm pretty sure (actually positive) that a lake cannot freeze over unless it's actually freezing outside. 

This reminds me of when my ballroom team would go to San Diego in March, when it's still pretty dang cold in Utah, and always still snowing. And we go to the beach and people think we're crazy. But hey, we're from Utah. Fifties are fantastic for us! 

So thank you Jimmy Kimmel for the laugh. I'm glad you guys think you're just as freezing as we are. :) 

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