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Blogging 101

*NOTE: I do not consider myself an expert on blogging, I'm writing this for a presentation I'm doing.*


  1. BLOGGER: One of the most popular! Is very user friendly!! It's owned by Google and is started through a Gmail account. (This is what I use)
  2. WORDPRESS: Another major blogging website, easy to choose a theme and blog layout.
  3. LIVE JOURNAL: This is also a social networking site where you can connect with other people through topics and schools. You can also participate in community discussions. 
  4. BLOG.COM: This offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for free members. 
  5. TUMBLR: This uses micro-blogging to post pictures, videos, or text onto your Tumblr page. 
There are many more blogging websites as well, you can read more about them here

Other websites to be aware of:
  • WEEBLY: Create your own website for free! 
  • LDS JOURNAL: An online, personal journal. 

Blogging is used for various reasons: journaling, photography, free-writing, crafts and DIY, fashion, news and personal writing. The above websites have special tools for every type of blog you would like to make, but some are more oriented to a single type. For example, Tumblr really focuses on pictures. It would be best for sharing photography of your own or photography that you find.


The best way to get started on a blog is to do a little research on which blogging site to use. I've tried both Wordpress and Blogger. Blogger is my favorite because it's very user friendly and is very accessible to anyone on the internet. 

You also want to keep in mind what type of blog you want to create. People create fashion blogs, poetry blogs, business blogs, news blogs, craft/DIY blogs, and personal blogs/journal blogs. This blog is a personal/journal type, with a little big of everything else too. 

Once you have these two things figured out, it's just a matter of going online and starting your blog!


Every blog site is different, but starting a blog is similar on every site. Most sites require that you use an email address to start your blog. Blogger is owned by Google, so you must have a Gmail account to start one. I am going to show the steps for setting up your blog through Blogger, but with all other sites it should be similar (I've also used Wordpress, and the steps to setting it up is the same).

The first step is the most simple, sign up! Each site has different requirements, but most need an email, your full name, birthday and then you create your own username, blog name, and domain name.

Start editing the details of your blog.

You can get to the above page on your blog by clicking on "Settings", and then "Basic". I'm pretty sure most blogging sites would have a similar setup. Wherever it is, "Settings" is the place to find most of the tools you need when first starting your blog.

I explored a lot with the tools on my blog to get it to look the way that it does. Starting it is so simple! All that's after that is pushing the "New Post" button and just start writing!


I blog because I love to write. I feel blogging helps me express myself and my feelings while making me a better and more experienced writer. Blogging is a great way to also spread your knowledge to the world. My very cute friend Kalee has a fashion blog called Imprime Leopard. She uses her blog to spread her knowledge and passion for fashion with the rest of the world. (Check out my other favorite blogs by clicking on the link above, Favorite Blogs


Blogging is wonderful for journaling as well. It's a great way to record your life. Everything is automatically dated and can be organized in different categories (or labels). You can also tell your friends and family to read your blog to share your life with them. My blog has journal aspects to it. I think it's a great way to share my life experiences with others. 

If you're simply looking for an online journal, I highly suggest checking out LDS Journal. I recently started an account with them (incredibly easy to start an account!) and I'm really liking it. What's nice about this is that it's totally private and password protected. You can access it anywhere there is internet. There are also options to buy a book version of your journal so you can keep it in your home. 

I've always loved writing in journals and my blog is a great way to keep writing. LDS Journal has also been a huge help to start a real consistent journal for me. I can type a lot faster than I can write, so writing a journal online is the best way for me to do it.

I love blogging! It has been hugely successful for me and I hope it can be helpful for you too! 

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  1. Actually, there are 2 types of Wordpress.

    1) The Wordpress in which everything is provided for free i.e. FREE domain name and FREE hosting.

    2) The Wordpress in which you got to pay for your domain name as well as hosting.

    Which is better?

    Well, it depends on what do you want your blog to look like. If you are limited in budget, consider the first type, and you have everything: from the structure, theme, layout to the domain and hosting all provided for you - FOR FREE.

    However, if you some dollars to spend and you want a dynamic-looking website, with the flexibility to change the structure, theme, layout and color of the website, then the second type is for you. You can choose whatever domain name you want (provided it is not taken); you can choose from .com, .net. .org. .us, .info (and etc) domain extension. Also, the structure, theme, layout and color of the website can be change with just a click of the mouse. It's so simple and easy. In addition, you have plugins you could install on your website, which make your job much more easier.

    I used Blogger as well Wordpress (the second tyoe). Thus far, I still find the second type of Wordpress to be THE BEST.



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