Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Fiance

(very similar to Top Ten Reasons I Love My Boyfriend, but there are some differences)

1. When we're driving in the car he takes my hand and kisses it. It's just adorable.

2. He goes along with things to humor my weird ideas or quirks.

3. He's willing to help when planning our wedding.

4. He stopped chewing gum for me. Because I just really hate gum and the smell makes me nauseous.

5. When we go to movies together he turns to look at me and whispers "I love you".

6. He opens my car door for me.

7. Our love for each other has never faltered, only grown stronger, even through arguments and trials.

8. He consults me before shaving or cutting his hair. Which is just kind of funny, but it makes me happy that he cares what I think. (and he knows he can't do anything drastic since we're getting engagement photos soon)

9. He takes care of me when I'm sick. Even when we're not near each other, he tries to make me feel better.

10. He drove 2 hours to pick me up to drive back to Logan so we could spend the weekend together. And what a wonderful weekend it is. :)

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