Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Day of Work Ever

At a daycare the kids are adorable and wonderful and just amazing! But bring in Santa Claus and everything doubles!!

We were out in the gym and there's a window to the second floor so the parents can watch on their kids if they want. But today Santa came and stood in the window. The kids went running to the side of the gym all waving up at Santa and his elf friend. It was the most adorable moment ever! We took pictures of the magical Christmas moment.

I was in charge of crafts today and it was a Santa letter. It was so funny to hear what they wanted for Christmas! Such as:

  • iPad mini
  • Batsuit
  • iPhone touch
  • Rainbow pony
  • A rainbow pony that flies without touching it
  • A metal Star Wars Storm-trooper costume
So I'm supposed to sit at the craft table and not leave unless one of my coworkers comes to replace me. So at one point I had to use the bathroom. I had one of my favorite little girls sitting on my lap and she starting moving around more so I told her to stop because I had to go to the bathroom. And the three girls surrounding me immediately shouted "Go to the bathroom!" 

So I laughed and told them I wasn't allowed to leave the table. But they kept yelling and saying that I had to go "RIGHT NOW!" and that I wasn't allowed to pee my pants. Next thing I know, one of the girls is running across the room to one of my coworkers and quickly informs her "The teacher has to go to the bathroom!" So I'm laughing because it's just a ridiculous situation and another coworker comes over laughing and takes my spot at the table. 

Moral of the story is that moms these days are good at teaching their children to go to the bathroom right away and that they shouldn't wait because they aren't allowed to pee their pants. That's a good thing I guess. 

Anyways, best day of work ever! All thanks to Santa Claus! 

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