Monday, December 10, 2012

R.I.P. Cari

Cari was a very near and dear friend of mine. For many many years.

We went on awesome and eventful car rides to give presents to people 3 months after their actual birthday, and then they weren't there so we left. 

We played with her many toys, like ninja swords. 

We witness this sight together after a drive to the temple. Yes, the temple. (But I think the gorilla forgot to bring his recommend, because he stayed outside)

We took dramatic photos together.

But she died Saturday night in a horrible accident. The snow was just too slippery for her to handle... Now look at her:

Oh... did you not realize I was talking about a car? :) 

But seriously. I learned to drive with this car, I drove it all through high school and a little bit through college. I loved this car!! It did matter to that it had so many problems, I loved it! It was MY car, my first car, and my favorite. I loved it because it got me where I needed to go, and sometimes it took me where I didn't know I wanted to go, I sat on the trunk with my friends and talked, she let me sit and cry in her sometimes, she listened to my problems with no complaint, we experienced the most beautiful places together, we went through troubles and trials together. I loved this car! Cari is my favorite! 

But even though she can still run after hitting a pole, she's not really worth fixing her up. I'm sad. I'm sad she's going to leave my family. We got her years ago from my Nana, and my Nana had her years before we did. She was driven by every member of my family. My sister had her at college, my brother had her now, but I had her the most. 

So goodbye Cari! You were a fantastic car! I'm sorry my brother had to run you into a pole. 

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