Thursday, December 20, 2012

Once Upon A Time.... (Part 2)

So the boy then knew he wanted to date the girl. So he got her number and began texting her. He asked her out (through text, to which she refused to reply until he called and more properly asked her on a date).

But the girl was scared. She couldn't help but remember all the previous dates she had been on with boys that were rude and selfish and used her. She didn't want to face that again. She didn't want to date again. So she begged her roommate to go with her and make it a double date. Arrangements were made and the boy's friend was planned to drive up to Logan to meet them for the date.

The girl stressed the whole day. She had bought a new outfit, wanting to look extra cute. She vented to a good friend while drinking a bunch of energy drinks to hype up her attitude and calm her nerves. She realized how terrified she really was of dating again.

But then the phone rang.

The boy called her to tell her that his friend was stranded in the canyon, his car having caught on fire. He had to drive to help his friend.

Their date was cancelled.

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