Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

With one week left till Christmas I feel I should make my Christmas wishes known.

I've been very good this year... well maybe... I failed some classes... and then left school... but I am going back to school next year!! That's good. I haven't completely given up. And I stopped being gothic... sort of. I still wear dark makeup and mostly wear black, but my makeup isn't quite as dark anymore. My eyeliner is technically gray. But my nails aren't black anymore... although I prefer them that way...

Anyways, I've been very good.

So I have a few wishes for Christmas this year. The first one being Christmas itself. Everyone keeps saying the world is going to end...

... but I really enjoy Christmas every year!!! I don't want the world to end before Christmas! And I'm pretty sure every child in the world wants Christmas too. I work with kids, I know a few things. So, yeah? You'll help keep the world from ending? I heard you're in a new movie where you save the world with Chris Pine... ahem, I mean Jack Frost. So you can do it! I believe in you! Besides, I really want to get married to my Christopher, so if the world ends before that happens, I won't be too happy. I'm sure you're tight with our Heavenly Father anyways (Jesus is the reason for the season!) and I know he'd be willing to help out with a good cause.

I want a car for Christmas. And if not a car, then the hope and possibility that I'll get one this upcoming year. My dad has been saying he'll buy me a car for the past three years, and it hasn't happened yet. So if you could just give him a little push that would be great. (and I actually really like the Honda Fit

It doesn't have to be new, but I do love this car.)

Hmm... what else?

Well the usual, clothes, itunes money, shoes, jewelry, etc. I typically have fairly basic needs.

Most importantly I want this to be the best Christmas ever!! With me getting married, this is sort of like my last Christmas with just my family! It has to be perfect! And by perfect, I don't mean tons of gifts or even a single expensive gift (like a car). I just want my family to be together and to be happy and to just enjoy the day together! I have been blessed with the most wonderful family!! Please make it a wonderful Christmas for us!

Thank you Santa for all you do! You really are getting the kids at my work excited. They are very anxious about you coming in on Thursday! Me too. It will be lots of fun!

Thanks again Santa!



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