Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bridal Expressions

This is another review for a bridal store and I am happy to say... yesterday I purchased my dress through them!!

Bridal Expressions is located at 10489 S State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070. You can call them to set up an appointment at 801-571-5551. You can also find their website HERE.

I absolutely loved this place! I loved the dressing rooms, the mirrors, the couches and their large amount of dresses! They have a huge selection with tons of different designers. I tried on about eight dresses there, however the very first one I put on is the one I'm getting! I wish I could put up pictures, but I don't want to risk my fiance seeing the dress, so you'll just have to wait till May. :)

I worked with three different consultants in the few times I've visited the store. They were all incredibly helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They gave their own suggestions on altering my dress to make it modest and they helped out in ordering extra fabric and buttons for alterations.

They do not have an in-house alterations, but they gave me a list of people they suggest and highlighted the one they think I will work with best. I'll write more about alterations when I get there (they sadly don't get my dress in until March).

They also sell the most amazing and sometimes ridiculous prom dresses there. They are seriously over the top and crazy! And way too expensive for what I would want to spend on a prom dress, but if you're interested it is a really great store.

Here are some examples of what they sell:

But seriously if you go to their website, there are tons more!! 

If you have any other questions about Bridal Expressions please feel free to ask! I highly recommend visiting Bridal Expressions they are so helpful and I am getting my dress there!!! :) 

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