Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ball & Bride

So in my hunt for the perfect wedding gown I've been to two different bridal stores. This is my review of one.

Ball & Bride is currently set up in Martha Bybee's home, as she is currently moving locations. I would advise calling before you just stop by her home, and you can reach her at 801-573-5574 or email her at

Even though it was set up in her home, it was still a really nice place to look at and try on wedding dresses. Her collection is running low as she sets up her move, but she has many connections and can help you find another dress. She has an alterations lady, a lady who makes fitted body suits, she sells modest and immodest dresses, and the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen!!

Martha is incredibly nice and helpful. She helped out every step of the way. She isn't pushy, she lets you go at your own pace. She listens to your likes and dislikes. My favorite, she asked me how I felt in the dress. She told me that what matters most is how I feel. The dress should make you happy and you should feel beautiful. I love that she asked me how I felt!

She is also fantastic with prices! None of the gorgeous dresses I tried on were over $1000 and she was knocking off hundreds of dollars from the price as well. For example, my favorite dress I tried on there was $900, she said she would sell it to us for $775. She is always willing and ready to give you a deal!

The shoes!!! I tried on the most gorgeous shoes of my life!! Sure they were $395 (she would have sold them to me for half, she said) and I would never pay that much for shoes, but man were they beautiful!

Yep, I was wearing these gorgeous shoes! Made me feel like a princess for sure! Even if they were a size too small...

So my fiance sometimes reads my blogs so I'm not going to tell which of the following dresses were my favorites (he can't know anything), but here are some of the dresses sold at Ball & Bride (all photos are from their website).

I do recommend checking out Ball & Bride if you're looking for a wedding dress! Martha makes it a wonderful experience! :) 

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