Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Fairy-Tale (as told by a 3 year old)

So at work the other day this adorable little girl comes up to me.

"It's story time!" She exclaims (she's the most enthusiastic little girl I've ever met).

"Okay," I reply. "Should we read a book or make it up?"

"Make our own story! About a princess and a dragon!"

"Okay. So once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess. Now what was her name Charlee?" The little girl thinks for a little while.

"Her name was Charlee! And there was another princess named Brooklyn (her younger sister's name)! And a king and queen..." (and she named her parents, but I actually don't remember their names).

"Okay, so Princess Charlee decided to go on an adventure outside of the castle and ran into a dragon..."

"But the dragon was her friend! His name was Rudolph and she rode on him to go to the North Pole to go see Santa Claus!" ... and she went on about Rudolph speaking really really fast in her enthusiastic voice. I don't remember all she was saying. She mentioned it being like "The Polar Express!" And then I think she just started telling the story of the Polar Express... and then she walked away.

I never knew the end of what happened to Princess Charlee and her dragon friend named Rudolph. All I know is that little kids are adorable and Christmas really is a magical time of year. :)

It reminds me of this video though:

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