Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wedding Location, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Okay blogging universe, I need your help figuring out something, the location of my wedding reception. Here are the facts:

  • My parents live in Sandy/Draper, Utah
  • His parents live in Kaysville, Utah
  • We have been going to USU in Logan, Utah and have lots of friends there.

  • The distance between my house and Logan is around 2 hours, a little less usually.
  • The halfway point between Logan and Draper is probably Kaysville
  • The halfway point between Kaysville and Draper is Salt Lake
It's sort of a tradition to hold the ceremonies in the bride's hometown, Sandy/Draper area. We already plan on getting married in the Draper Temple, but should we also have the reception here? Or would having it in Salt Lake be better to make it easier for his guests to come. Salt Lake is certainly more practical. Salt Lake would also make it easier for our Logan friends to come. 

See why I need your help? My mom is set on having it here, and doesn't want to have it in Salt Lake, which I really have to factor in since my parents are paying for the venue. But my fiancee doesn't love the idea that his guest have to drive 45 minutes to Sandy. 

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. This would be a HUGE help. Thanks readers!!



  1. Beautiful one!! I was also looking for the same kind of wedding location and came to know about venue nyc.

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  2. Honestly, I think you and your fiancĂ©’s friends would have to make a sacrifice. I am not saying that your mom should have her way all the time in planning the wedding. It’s just that I actually think it is more practical to have the same venue for the ceremony and the reception, so that nobody has to travel back and forth.

    Kelli Mueller


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