Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Healing Power of Showers

(I originally came up with this post like 5 days ago (in the shower) but didn't get the chance to write it till now. So keep in mind that "like 5" days ago I was very much sick and it was thought up much better then... this post is just a mess, you don't even have to bother reading if you don't want to. I won't be offended.)

So I love showers! I just do. I take at least one shower a day, but often times I'll take more than one. Especially when I'm in school. When I'm stressed with homework or sad about anything, I hop in the shower. Last school year I'd randomly take a shower at like 1AM for no reason. I just wanted to shower. And seriously, I think up half my blog posts while in the shower. It really helps me think for some reason... too bad I can't take my homework in there...

But last week when I was sick, one particular day I felt AWFUL!! I thought I was going to die. I was coughing so hard it hurt my stomach and ribs, I was stuffed up, was getting a headache, and was also working. I hated it.

So I took a shower.

I swear, as soon as I hopped in the shower, I stopped coughing! The hot water felt wonderful and relaxing... it was magical.

So since I think showers are magical, I decided to do some Google searches to see if showering really does have benefits (besides the obvious cleanliness one). I was shocked to find that the majority of what I found pointed to cold showers! I never take cold showers, I hate cold... but after what I read maybe I should try it.

So I found online at "Art of Manliness" that take a warm shower then switching it to cold at the end is sometimes called a "Scottish Shower" (which I'm sure my fiance with love) and it has lots of benefits (and James Bond is known for doing it).

Here are their seven health benefits of a cold shower:

  • Improves Circulation
  • Relieves Depression
  • Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • ... increases testosterone...
  • Increases Fertility...
  • Increases Energy and Well-Being
(keep in mind this was a "mens" website)

Okay... so I have depression, I love my hair, I have a horrible immunity system, and I always think I need more energy. Why has no one told me this before?? Seriously! If this is all true, I need to work on this. 

Another website informed me that this "cold shower" only has to take like 10 seconds. Some time for the front and some for the back. And just that 10 seconds will help you to get used to the cold, not just in showers, but in everyday life. "Your ability to withstand cold with increase dramatically." 

My fiance loves fishing. He also loves jumping in the lake, river, or wherever we're fishing to swim around. That water is always cold. But supposedly, if I do these cold showers, I'll be used to it, and be able to tolerate it much easier. 

Is that true for my tolerance of the cold temperatures in Logan???

Don't worry, I also learned about hot showers as well. The top five benefits of hot showers (according to Philanthropy) are as follows:
  • Cleaner Pores, Cleaner Skin
  • HSP (Heat Stress Proteins) -A More Resilient Body
  • It Relaxes You
  • Relieving Muscular Aches and Speeds Up Recovery
  • It Builds a Better Body
These ones weren't as straight forward as the other one... You may want to click on the link above to read about them yourself. 

Basically both hot and cold showers have wonderful benefits for the body! And regardless, I still love showers. I think they're fantastic. In fact, I'm going to take one right now. Thanks for reading! 

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