Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Curse of a Weak Immune System

I realize that this will only sound as an exaggeration, but I swear it's true! I was sick all three years of high school. Seriously. I cannot remember I time that I wasn't sick. I was always coughing, stuffed up, getting sinus headaches, always tired. As if being in high school isn't stressful enough, add constantly being drunk on cough syrup.

But my curse ended May of my senior year of high school. It was the week before my ballroom team performance. We had dance practices from 2:30 till 10:00 PM. I was constantly at the school, I hardly even went home, I couldn't go into work (and ended up getting fired for it) and, as always, I was sick. I was coughing and was having a difficult time breathing. (random side note, I also got food poisoning that week along with a couple other members of my team. Curse you Del Taco!!)

So it was three days before our first performance. They had me run my solo in costume on the stage so they could get the lighting right. I finish my 3:50 minute solo, go off the stage and sit in the audience, trying to catch my breath. I was trying to breathe normally, but it wasn't really working. About a half hour goes past and I still haven't caught my breath.

My pediatrician-in-training best friend decided to put her training to use. She called my mom and told her I needed to see a doctor. She talked to our coaches and told them that I couldn't dance anymore. So thanks to her, my mom came and we headed off to the doctors.

The clinic closed at 9:00 and we went in at about 8:45. They weren't very happy about that. So they send me in a room with my mom and the doctor lady comes in with her stethoscope. She puts it on my back and tells me to take deep breaths. Okay. Well even at this point, I hadn't fully caught my breath. So I'm trying the best I can.

"No! Like this." The doctor began doing yoga breaths to show me how to breathe. OH! Because at 18 I had no idea how to breathe. Come on doctor. We came in and told you I was having trouble breathing, give me a break.

"Well since you won't breathe deeply for me, you're going to have to get an x-ray." Oh yes! I was so excited! I had never gotten an x-ray before! So they get an x-ray of my chest.

While waiting for the results, they check my temperature. My mom kindly asks if I have a fever. The doctor give my mom an evil look. Yes. I had a high fever. But doctor, I had been at the school since 6:30 that morning. My mom hadn't seen me all day! How was she supposed to know I had a fever? And since I had been dancing most the time, I never thought that I might have a fever.

"Left lobe pneumonia." Was my verdict. (PS, I never got to see my x-ray! Lame! Also, this summer I got an x-ray on my foot, didn't get to see that one either! It's like doctors hate me and my want to see an x-ray!)

I was prescribed these major heavy duty pills. Only got six of them for of $90. So I rested as much as I could the next day (ended up nearly failing a class for missing that one day of school! I still don't like you Mr. Caldwell!) and started dancing again the day after.

But somehow, after getting pneumonia, I stopped getting sick all the time! My immune system was healed!! I got a cold in college maybe once a year, but they were never that bad or lasted very long. I was healed! .... until I started working in a daycare.

Since starting my job two and a half months ago, I've gotten sick twice now. I'm pretty sure I was only better from being sick for like a week before I started feeling sick again.

... umm... so that was really long and pointless to get to my main point:
If you currently have pneumonia, come give me a hug. Because maybe getting pneumonia again will cure me. 
 I'm serious. I'm sick of being sick.

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