Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Engagement Ring!!

Hey readers! Here's a photo of my beautiful new engagement ring!! (please ignore how my nail polish is messed up) I love my ring! It's so much more special that he picked it out all on his own and I don't think he could have done any better. It's absolutely beautiful! It's small and delicate, but I've never really worn rings before so it's nice that it's small since I'm not used to them. It's currently big on me. We're fixing that Saturday. So we're given the option to have a wedding band to go with it. However, we're kinda broke. So we're going to save that for later.


  1. looks really lovely!
    congratulation for your engagement.

  2. Congrats dear.looks beautiful and fitting for your fingers.

    1. Thank you! It really is the most perfect ring for me.

  3. OH WOW, that is lovely! :) Choosing an engagement ring is a difficult task because there are TONS of options available. And, there’s always a feeling that you have to get the perfect ring. Nonetheless, I can see that you’re very happy with the ring. I wish you a very happy future, Kaylee!

    Kimmy Barnes

  4. Your ring is absolutely lovely! Even though the design is simply a round-cut diamond, it still looks so charming and elegant. The ring around the stone makes it look even more romantic.

    -- Bridget Rossi

  5. Hi Kaylee! Don’t worry about your nails because the ring is lovely! It looks perfect around your finger. Your fiancĂ© must have been very happy you liked the ring. Have you decided a date for your wedding? Congratulations, and may you live happily together!

    Rochel Faltus


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