Monday, November 19, 2012

Month of Gratitude: Days 17-19

Day 17: I'm so grateful for my ballroom friends!!! It's so great to go to a USU Ballroom performance and be welcomed with smiles and hugs! It's amazing how the people you're on a team with easily become your best friends. I'm so grateful for them and how happy they make me! I love you guys!

Day 18: I'm grateful I'm marrying a guy who can cook. I have never been a fan of cooking. I kind of hate taking the time to do it. Baking is okay, I love making deserts, but I'm not one for cooking. But yesterday my fiance made us a wonderful chicken curry lunch! It was delicious! I love that I won't be expected to cook all the time in my marriage, even though I'll try. :)

Day 19: I'm grateful for Soup and Noodles because it's one of my favorite meals. It's just delicious. And the only think I'm willing to cook. (tomato soup and elbow macaronis, SO GOOD! Chris called it a fancy Spaghetti-O's, but I disagree)

I've gotten a really bad cold and am going off of like 3 hours of sleep. So I don't have anything else to say. I'll talk about my fantastic weekend another day.

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