Friday, November 9, 2012

Month of Gratitude: Day 9

I apologize that the past couple days my only posts have been these gratitude things. This week has felt very stressful and crazy and I was going a little crazy (still am) so these gratitude posts were all I could muster. I'll work on that...

Today I am most grateful for my fiance, and I'll probably say that a million times, but he deserves it. I really have been having a bad week. Today wasn't so great either. It snowed all day, I hate snow (except on Christmas), my mom is stressing me out, she thinks it's her wedding not mine and doesn't care what Chris and his family want for the wedding, and I worked lots of hours this week, and while I love my job working with little kids, little kids and babies can make life stressful. So this week I haven't been feeling so great emotionally, physically, and mentally.

But my fiance took me to the Real Salt Lake game last night, we hung out at my house after the game watching TV, he slept on my couch, this morning we looked at our wedding reception venue (it's gorgeous, I'll write about it sometime soon), went out to eat, got cookies, and just talked. And it made me completely forget how stressed I was, how depressed I was feeling, and how sick I felt. He seriously took away all my stress.

I love Christopher because when I'm with him, I am at my most comfortable and happy state of mind. He completes me and makes me feel better no matter what. So today, he is what I am most grateful for in my life. I cannot wait to be married to him for time and all eternity!


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