Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Month of Gratitude: Day 7

Today wasn't a great day for me. I felt sick all day and worked 8 hours in a daycare. It was stressful and tiring. My mom is stressing me out about finding a wedding venue and my fiancee is freaking out about the location... so today wasn't great.

However, I guess I'd say I'm most grateful for the weather so far this November. I really hate winter and snow (except on Christmas) so I'm always afraid that it will snow on my birthday, because living in Utah, it usually does. But this year has been great. It let me have a wonderful, warm picnic on Saturday, it's nice since I have to walk to and from work everyday, and warmer weather just makes me happier. It will probably snow tomorrow because I said all this, but for now, I'm most grateful for the weather.

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