Thursday, November 29, 2012

Month of Gratitude: Day 29

Today I am once again grateful for my fiance. He drove down to see me today and take me out to dinner. But I'm not just grateful for him, but for the relationship we have.

A lot of my friends date someone and get married in less than a year, but I've always thought it takes a year to get to truly know someone. Chris and I have been dating a year and there is still so much we don't know about each other! We're constantly learning from each other and maturing. We're both still pretty immature, but we're growing up together and that's something I love about our relationship!

I also love how forgiving our relationship is. When we get in an argument or something happens, we both love each other so much that we'll do anything to make sure our relationship is saved. We work through things. We don't hold grudges. We forgive each other for our stupid pasts and move on! We don't hold our pasts against us. We have a very strong relationship and we work hard to keep it that way.

When it was posted on Facebook that we were engaged, all my friends who were married commented saying how great married life is. Well, no offense to them, but I don't really care about their views on marriage when they haven't even been married a year. They haven't fully experienced married life. Married life should be long and have struggles and ups and downs and things to work for and push through. You don't experience all those things after one year.

 I like listening to my grandma about her relationship the most. Her husband died a few years ago, they were the greatest couple, and I want my relationship to be like theirs. In high school, he would walk miles to her house just so he could see her. They didn't have cell phones, yet he would wander the town looking for her. And their relationship only grew stronger after marriage. She sat back and wrote him everyday when he served in the Navy in the Korean War, they stood by each other when they couldn't have children and ended up adopting six (including my wonderful mother), she sat by his side till the very end of his life.

I want my relationship with Chris to be like that. And I feel we have the potential to. Everyday I find a new way to love him more. Sure we have our rare arguments  but every good relationship should! I will do anything to keep our relationship strong.  He's my soul mate and I love him. I am most grateful to have him in my life.

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