Friday, November 23, 2012

Month of Gratitude: Day 22

I am grateful for the wonderful meal that I had today! Seriously, it was fantastic! All made and prepared by the wonderful members of my family! We tried new recipes that were so delicious (I'm hoping to share them with you soon) and the best turkey breast ever (we opted not to use a full turkey, which I liked better). 

I'm also very grateful that my fiance was able to join my family for Thanksgiving. It is wonderful to have him as a part of the family. I love that he excepts us and our weird dinner table conversations. I'm grateful that after all the weird talk tonight, my large, stuffed to the brim, belly and my horrible cough attack that lasted like five minutes where I was nearly gagging and almost throwing up... he still wants to marry me. I have a keeper. :)

I'm grateful that my beautiful engagement ring is now fitted and back on my finger! (I don't think I told my blog that it was taken away from me for a couple days to get fixed. It was terrible! But now it fits much better and it's never leaving my finger again (not true, I've already taken it off to help cook, to shower, and will be taking it off again to go to sleep (I tend to cut my face with my fingernails in my sleep and adding a ring doesn't turn out very well)))

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