Monday, November 5, 2012


So anyone who follows my other blog (which you can find by clicking on "When the Cows Come Home" at the top of this blog) would know by now that I got engaged over the weekend... on my birthday... :) It was the best day ever!

That means changes are coming to this blog. This blog is dedicated to wedding ideas, but since I'm now planning a wedding, it's going to be following my wedding planning, including photos and details. I'm really excited for these changes, I think that they will be really good for this blog.

Thank you to my followers and readers who are still reading even though I haven't posted on this blog in like a month. There will be a lot more coming soon. :)

My wonderful fiancee arranged his proposal so pictures were being taken of the whole event. Therefore, I will tell my proposal story in a later post, with pictures, when I get all the pictures off my dad's camera and onto my computer. It will also have a picture of my beautiful and perfect ring!

Thanks again for reading!


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