Monday, November 26, 2012

App Review: SongPop

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS APP! I've been playing it on Facebook for a while, but today I was finally able to download it to my Kindle Fire!

I've always been a huge lover of music and I love finding new (or old) music to add to my iPod (which is a joke because my 8 gigabyte iPod is full and I can't add any more music unless I take some off, it's an annoying process, I'm working on getting a new iPod).

This app allows me to challenge my friends to show off my love and knowledge of music! It's so fun to challenge with different stations. I have these playlists:

  • 80's Collection
  • 90's Alternative
  • Classic Rock
  • Love Songs
  • Modern Country
  • Modern Rap
  • Musicals
  • Today Hits
  • And I'm pretty sure I purchased an Animated Movies playlist, but I'm not seeing it on my thing right now... I'll get back  to you on that...
But they have tons more playlists to choose from! You just have to play to earn coins. From there, coins can buy you a new playlist. You get three coins for winning and one for losing. So either way, you can build up coins faster than you'd think. 

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said:

"SongPop is one of the most fun Facebook games I've played in a while." 
Which, you know, is a very generic quote, but it's something right?

I love this app! It's so much fun! Just, test it out for yourself and see how great it can be!

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