Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Working in a Daycare on Halloween!!

I've written a couple times about how much I love my job working in a daycare! It's so wonderful to get paid to play with little kids. It's my favorite thing ever and it feels that everyday just gets better. I never get sick of these wonderful and adorable kids!

So today my boss was dressed up as a veterinarian and all my coworkers and I were animals. So we had a bunny, two cats, a butterfly and...

That's right, I was a cow. :) I thought it was only fitting considering it's my favorite animal and the theme of this blog. I love this hat! I borrowed it, but I really need to get one of my own... And yes, I'm well aware that with my hair in pigtails I look like a teenager, or possibly younger, but I promise, I really am 21... and turning 22 on Sunday. 

(sorry this picture is so blurry, but I had to show the full costume, including the very wonderfully created udder. The kids had fun milking that...)

So a HUGE thank you to my neighbor Nadine for letting me borrow this homemade costume. She did a fabulous job on this, huh? She made it for her son, so it was pretty big on me. It had matching pants but they were much too big so I just wore my black pants. Thanks Nadine for letting me borrow this costume! It was perfect! :)

So working with kids I saw some other fabulous costumes today!

  • 3 Snow Whites
  • 3 pirates
  • 2 Batmans
  • 2 Spidermans
  • 2 dragons
  • Some fairies
  • A couple witches
  • A candy corn witch (cutest costume ever!)
  • Captain America
  • A butterfly
  • A ballerina bear
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • A dog
  • A fireman dog
  • Princess Belle
  • Minnie Mouse
  • A panda
  • Dorothy
  • An army man
  • And a boy wearing an outfit with muscle things that sort of looked like a Power Ranger, but when i asked him what he was, he said he wasn't anything. 
It was such a fun day! They took the kids "Trick-or-Treating" around the club so they all got bags of candy. Buzz Lightyear's mom even brought donuts for me and all my coworkers (which were delicious, BTW). And my boss gave us a bag of candy saying that we do a "Spook-tacular" job at work. 

It was so much fun! I truly love my job! I'll be writing another post later about my other Halloween activities (opening the front door for trick-or-treaters). 


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