Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Utah Weddings

I've been to two bridal fairs in Logan, Utah. From the last one I went to I picked up a book (type thing) courtesy of Utah Weddings, or http://www.utahweddings.com/. The book looks a little something like this:

And you can purchase it online here: https://www.utahweddings.com/utah_weddings_book/viewcart/item:8/ (but it was free at the fair, so read on if you want it free).

I started looking through this book again last night... it's like the bible of wedding planning. It's amazing! It has a planner, tips, secrets, and ads for everything in Utah that you may need. It's really quite genius. I'm excited to start using it!

You can also set up an online planner through their website, found here:http://www.utahweddings.com/plan_your_wedding/.

Now there are lots of different bridal fairs and shows. They are all different. Different locations mean different vendors. At the Logan ones I went to, almost everything was based in Cache Valley, which didn't really work for me since my wedding is based in the Salt Lake Valley. So since I don't know my reader base, I'm going to share with you websites for other bridal shows, and you can pick when and where you can go.





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