Monday, October 1, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Dances!!!

I've been dancing since I was four years old.

I'm the second one from the left, thrusting my hips out. :) (except I'm pretty sure I'm older than 4 in this picture, this is just the oldest dance picture of mine I could find) This shows my ballet days. Growing up I did ballet, jazz, and tap. I absolutely love it! But when I was 16 I switched over to ballroom.

This picture is from two years ago with my ballroom competition partner Taylor. He's currently on a mission but I really hope he'll compete with me again next year (even though we never won). I love ballroom as well even though it's much more strict than jazz or tap... and kind of ballet as well.

So as a dancer for many years, I love dance and watching dance! I'm not a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars, but I love So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Moms. Youtube also has wonderful dancing available for viewing. So here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

Okay, Kate Jablonski is an INCREDIBLE choreographer!!! All her dances are mind blowing! Seriously! If you don't believe me, check out her Youtube page: The dance above really just captures you and pulls you in. It's incredible! I cannot look away from those dancers!

So I already said I love Dance Moms, so the clip above features Maddie Ziegler from the show. She's one of the best dancers on the show and this clip proves it. Just look at her energy! She also very good at execution, hitting the moves perfectly, cleanly, with energy and attitude. She's amazing.

So here's another Dance Moms clip, this one feature both Maddie and Chloe Lukasiak. Chloe is my favorite dancer on the show. I think she's amazingly talented and a very sweet little girl (in case you're confused, she's the one in the black, Maddie is in white). This dance sort of proves how talented both these little girls are.

As much as I hate spiders, I love this dance! I have no idea who this woman is, but the fact that she's flexible and talented enough to actually look like a spider while dancing is amazing to me. Props to her! She has lots of talent!

Again, I have no idea who this is, but she's very very talented! I love this song and the interpretation of it. She's also very pretty.

This one is from So You Think You Can Dance! I said it once in an old post, I wanted Kayla to win that season!! She's has incredible technique and amazing dancer's legs. I wish I could be her. I wish I could dance like her. This dance is so amazing. I just love it! All of it! Especially when Kayla comes forward and just whips out a triple pirouette... like... what? Did she really just do that so flawlessly? Speaking of pirouettes...

This girl has a talent. She was even on Ellen once to show off her many pirouettes, but she only did 20 something on the show.

No good dance list would be complete without a Mia Michaels routine. I love Mia Michaels! She's incredible and this dance gets to my heart every time. If you want to read about my obsession for this dance, click here: It's near the bottom of the post.

I don't really care that this is fake, I think it's adorable! And a fairly clever commercial.

Speaking of little kids... these boys are very talented! I think they're adorable and I hope my kids play Just Dance like they do. :) They have a lot more videos that you can find here:

This isn't the best Cha Cha out there but fun fact: Andrea Hale (now Andrea Tatton) is my ballroom teacher! Yeah! I love her, she has so much energy and is so fun to work with. She's also incredibly talented and I like this video because it reminds me how lucky I am to be taught by her. :)

This video seems very cheesy to me, but these two are incredibly talented dancers! I saw them live at the UCSD Ballroom Competition. They are by far the most talented dancers on Dancing With the Stars.

Ha ha! Aren't we great? Yes, I am in this video. This is my USU Ballroom Dance Team competing at UC San Diego two years ago. We won 2nd place that year. Not bad... but there were only 3 teams. The next year we did this same dance... we had worse dancers... we got 3rd. As much as I love my team and my coaches, I really hope we can step it up soon.

Finally, here's a lame video of me and my friend Kyle:

This was last year. We practiced not as much as we should have. But it was just fun to do that with Kyle. He's the best dancer on our team and he's fun to work with. I know it's not that good, I'm working on my technique. But I love wearing that costume. And I'm on Youtube! :)

So there it is! My favorite dances on Youtube... that's not true. There are so many more. But I'll just give them to you in small doses. I hope you enjoy!

Also, if you click on the tab above that says Argyle, you'll learn about my passion for dancing and my desire to teach dance (not necessarily ballroom dance, as you saw, I'm not that wonderful). So if you're in Utah and interested, let me know!


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