Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Craft!

So I made something very cool today:

And I'm here to show you how!! 

Step 1: I went to Joann's and bought three fake pumpkins. These pumpkins can still be used for carving and the actually had a hole in the bottom for a candle (which was a huge help for me). They cost $24.99 HOWEVER I got them 60% off for $9.99. 

Step 2: Also at Joann's I bought wooden letter that spell BOO ($1.99 each), black spray paint ($7.99), and black and gold glitter ($3.49 each). I used these brands shown below:

Step 3: I went outside with my boyfriend and got attacked by my dog. Chris then spray painted the largest and smallest pumpkin (you could just do the middle if you wanted) and the wooden letters. I let them dry outside for an hour even though the can says it can dry in 10 minutes. NOTE: I ran out of spray paint which I was very surprised about. My bottom pumpkin, while you can't tell in the picture, has some orange showing through because we ran out. But you can only really see when you look closely, and I think it gives it something special. :)

Step 4: When dried, I grabbed the wooden letter and covered them with Elmer's Glue, I used my finger to spread the glue around and then poured the glitter on top. I very carefully spread the glitter around with my fingers so it was nice and even. But, please note that a comedian once said, "Glitter is like the herpes of arts and craft supplies." As hard as you try, the glitter will get everywhere. So be careful.

Step 5: While waiting for the glue and glitter to dry, I used a hot glue gun to glue my pumpkins in a stack. They were pretty stable without the glue, but since it's going outside I wanted to be safe.

Step 6: When the letters seemed dry I shook off the excess glitter onto a newspaper and poured it back into the glitter container. Then I used the hot glue gun to glue the letters to the pumpkins. It will forever haunt me that the bottom "O" is slightly crooked. So just be very careful when your doing it, because it's stuck the way it is.

And that's it! Super easy! It takes time and some money, but it's very cute and it's a great Halloween decoration. Thanks for reading!

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