Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I Love How I Met Your Mother

So this summer my boyfriend and I spent most our days in his apartment watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. For anyone who doesn't know, it's like a love story in reverse. Ted is telling his kids how he met his wife... but the story never ends. I have seen every episode through season 6 and most the episodes of season 7 (except the ones that I needed to see the most). But I'm obsessed, I've gone through the episodes on Netflix twice now, and am now watching some for a third time (I might as well just buy all the seasons on DVD (or if any of my readers love me enough...)).

Anyways, here is my top 10 list of why I love How I Met Your Mother.

1. Barney Stinson. He is the lowest on my list because he is a disgusting character. Awful really. But I love Neil Patrick Harris so I have to give him credit for that. And this video highlights the very few fun and good qualities of his character. So enjoy!

2. The cast is pretty cool. I don't love Robin, the actress or the character, but she's alright. (also I agree with Neil Patrick Harris in this video, the Price is Right episode was awesome)

3. Just the show. Here are some awesome clips!

4. This musical number: (I wish it had the actually video... if you can, watch the episode Girls vs. Suits on Netflix, this song is at the end)

5. Robin Sparkles!! My best friend, this is her ringtone. :)

6. Lily's wedding dress. I have another blog all about weddings, so I'm kind of obsessed (click on Everything is for Love under the main page photo and it will take you to my other blog).

7. The Slap Bet! If you haven't seen the show, the slap bet was made near the beginning of the show (when Robin Sparkles is first introduced) but it keeps coming back through the seasons. I love it, it's so funny!

8. Marshal is the best! (these are the outtakes, I apologize for the swearing!!!)

9. Lily and Marshal are so perfectly cute together!

10. Lily's Outfits. Seriously. That's my favorite thing about the show. I want almost everything she wears on that show. Mainly her boots. Here are some fabulous examples:

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