Friday, September 21, 2012

USU Ballroom Team 2012-2013!!!

... I am sadly not on the USU Ballroom Team 2012-2013...

I decided to move home for a year to make money before going back to school.

I'm dying inside, not being able to dance for my team. That's my team! I feel like I have some ownership of it (even though I really don't). I'm just not ready to let it go...

So I'm the creator and main administrator for the Facebook page and group ( check it out). And because I'm not there I've had to, very reluctantly, give permissions for others to edit the page. I'm very upset about this, because I'm not ready to let it go.

On our group page, it's for team members only. And while I'm an administrator, there is now another administrator. And they are removing of last year's team members if they are no longer doing team. I'm so scared they are going to try and remove me from the page! Yes I'm an administrator, but Hans has all the permissions I do. But I created the page, so it just doesn't seem fair. More than that, I've worked really hard to create a fan base on our Facebook page! (seriously,, check it out and like the page if you're anywhere near Logan, it gives information on all team events)

I know it's childish, I know it sounds stupid, I know I'm acting like a whiny little kid, but I just can't let it go. I've been on the team longer than anyone else, and am going back next year. Please don't kick me out yet...

Also, check out our website: !!!


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