Friday, September 7, 2012

The (sarcastic) Joys of Moving Back Home at the Age of 21

Before I say anything, I need all my readers to know that I love my parents. I really do. I feel that I was blessed with the most amazing parents on earth (and siblings!!!). There couldn't have been anyone better to raise me, I've never wanted other parents. I simply have complaints being a legal adult, and living with them.

So I've been up at Utah State for three years. I only moved home for one summer a year ago. That adds up to 31 (ish) months of living away from my parents. That's a fairly long time. I've been up at USU learning and working and doing things on my own. I didn't need my parents to keep track of me doing my homework, or making sure I made it to work on time, don't tell them this, but I never felt it necessary to concern them when  I failed my midterm for British Literature. I felt independent. And I liked it that way.

I have been working really hard in Logan and found second and third jobs to help pay for school. I dealt with FAFSA and earned student grants and loans, and paid for the rest of my tuition with my own money. My parents really only helped out a couple times this past year, when I was unable to work as much do to ballroom team.

Beyond that, I met Christopher almost a year ago, and we were dating basically since we met. For anyone not familiar with my blog, we are planning on getting married next May. I'm just waiting for a ring. I'm planning on getting married. Next May I'll move up to Logan again to live with my new husband (I love the way that sounds!). Another act of independence.

So I would say that I'm a rather independent person. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to budget and manage my income. I can handle college on my own (sometimes). I'm a legal adult. I'm 21. The age where things really change for a person. Your driver's license flips, you can buy and drink alcohol (not that I ever would, personal choice, and I am a proud Mormon), you're an adult now. Greater expectations are placed on your shoulders, and I feel I truly meet those expectations.

So why... oh please why... do my parents feel the need to watch my every move now that I live with them?

Honestly, there would be weeks that my parents would never call me while I was living in Logan. We would go forever without talking (not necessarily by choice, I love my parents!). But now that I live at home, I get like three phone calls from them a day.
"Did you clean this? Have you applied for this job yet? Have you done this thing yet? Have you checked this website for a job? You know this place is hiring, right? You should submit your application here? Have you gone there yet? Do you need me to look over your resume? Have you cleaned your room yet? Have you done the dishes? What did you eat today? Do you work today? What time? When? How was work? Did you like it? When do you work tomorrow? Do you need me to bring you anything? What groceries do we need? Do you need me to pick you up? Do you need to go anywhere?..... etc....."

Oh goodness, I wish i was exaggerating.

Parents, I am an adult. I can do things on my own. Besides that, most these questions you could wait for a few hours to ask me when you get home from work. Is this really necessary right now? Maybe I'm busy?... oh who am I kidding. I'm not busy. I'm never busy. I didn't have a job until yesterday. And maybe it would have been easier to look for a job if I had a car!!

When I was living in Logan, I always started the fall out with a car... that was brutally taken away from me a few months later. I felt trapped in Logan without a car (thank goodness for the Cache Valley buses that will take me most places in Logan... for free... and for a boyfriend and roommates). But now that I've moved home, I feel just as trapped! And now with no bus system!

If I had the money to buy a car, I would in an instant. My mom even said she would buy me a car in an instant. But the decision is up to my dad. And since he's been telling me he'd help find a car for me since I started college, three years ago, I don't think he's in any rush. I'm just lucky the place I was hired at is in walking distance from my house.

I know this post is long, I know you probably don't care. I'm simply venting. And if you made it this far... thank you!



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  1. Nice post!

    Congratulations on your marriage and on planning to start a new life with your future husband next year.

    Wishing you and your other half all the best and happiness forever ever after.



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