Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Update on Me!

So having no car and three jobs causes for a massively busy schedule... and extreme tiredness. Too tired, in fact, to even write a blog post. Which explains my lack of posting this week. However, I promise I'll write something more worth while today.

For now, enjoy these highlighting moments of my week thus-far:

  • I got a TB test, which involves a shot in your arm, and a moment later I nearly passed out. Gosh... I didn't even see the needle! 
  • Finished reading a fairly good book. Maybe I write a review on it tomorrow...
  • Started on a new book. Really liking it so far. 
  • Snow White and the Huntsman... not a favorite... Kristin Stewart... really not a favorite... Chris Hemsworth... a favorite. :)
  • I held the cutest baby today with the cutest chubby legs. Ha ha. 
  • I had another tiny, beautiful baby scream in my ear for about 40 minutes before falling asleep on my chest. So adorable!
  • A friend of mine, that I met when I was four, got married and I wasn't even invited... I'm slightly depressed. 
  • I drove to Murray to find a drug testing place that didn't even exist. I got lost. I hate driving on the roads there. And then I found another location for the drug testing place... in walking distance from my house. Lame. I drove way to many miles today all for nothing.
  • I miss dance. I miss it so much I want to cry.
  • I met with my old ballroom teacher and she's going to give me private lessons. :)
  • I love my job. Playing with little kids for 3 hours everyday simply brings me joy.

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