Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review: After Hello, Lisa Mangum

So I'm in Logan for the weekend and am currently sitting in my boyfriend's apartment while he's at work. Super exciting! But he is letting me use his laptop so I can update this and my other blog. Yay!

So I finished this book a while ago entitled After Hello by Lisa Mangum. You can read a synopsis and other reviews here: (I also recommend becoming a user of Good Reads. Why? Because you can win free books!)

So I hate to say this, but I was disappointed by this book. For anyone who doesn't know, Lisa Mangum is also the author of The Hourglass Door Trilogy. I loved those books! They are a simple-to-read series with a good love story and exciting plot (okay, if I was giving a full review I would have a few complaints, but overall I recommend it). However, Lisa Mangum's newest book failed to excite me as much.

After Hello is about Sara on a trip to New York. She meets a guy, Sam, and they set off on an adventure together. Wonderful story line. Very addicting book. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop! I have no complaints about Lisa Mangum and her writing, she is a very talented writer, she really draws you into a story.

Sara and Sam are very unrealistic characters though. As I was reading I found myself thinking "No one on earth acts like this, especially at the age of 17." And the whole situation they were in was unrealistic as well. SPOILER ALERT! The actress they meet up with, Piper... yes I've never met a real celebrity, but her character is so over-the-top and so un-likeable that I was irritated with what she was causing Sam and Sara to do. People don't act like this.

I loved the scenery and the way that Lisa Mangum describes the scenery. She is a very artistic writer and having her main character, Sara, be a photographer really allowed for the story to have beautiful scenic elements. Lisa Mangum is wonderful at describing a scene and that's one of the reasons I love her writing style.

This book had beautiful written quotes. For example:
"If you don't know what you want, you'll never get it. What's more, if you don't know what you want, you'll never know when you do get it." Page 62
"Passion is what makes the world go round. Passion is what drives us to be better than we are. Passion is what makes our emotions -whether love or hate or laughter- ignite and blaze into life." Page 107
This is a teen book, so if you're a teen looking for a fun, simple love story, I highly recommend reading this book! But if you're in your twenties, like me, it might not be the best read for you. It's nothing intellectual and it's not a passionate romance. Just a simple teenage story of a crush. It's cute. I liked it overall, but it's not something I'll want to read again.

If you've read it and have your own opinion, please leave a comment! I LOVE MY READERS!


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