Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I Love Ellen Degeneres

So here I am, 3:00, lounging on the couch, watching Ellen.

Okay, so if you haven't yet, just go to youtube and watch clips of Ellen's show. It is the greatest thing ever! Especially all her clips of Sophia Grace and Rosie... or Kristin Bell and the sloth... or all her scaring her guests... especially Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler... basically I just love Ellen. I also love making lists. So here's my top 10 reasons why I love Ellen Degeneres. 

1. She always has the best guests on her show. More than that, she has them do great things. Zac Efron singing with Taylor Swift? Yes please! 

2. She's very dedicated to what she does. She constantly is saying how much she loves her job, the people she gets to interview, and all her viewers. But more than that, Ellen works when she sick or in pain. She once did a whole show while lying in bed because of her back pain. (sorry for the not so great quality, it's an older video)

3. She cares about real people and real situations. Example, the episode I'm watching right now, she's bringing a high school girl on the show who does all she can to be a straight A student, but she's homeless. She's giving her and her family money for clothes and food. But my personal favorite (because they are from USU) was when she brought in all the people who lifted a burning car off a person in a motorcycle accident. 

4. She does good things for other people. Ellen is a vegetarian and does her part to help all animals. She helps people after disasters. She raised money for charity. She's just great. 

5. Her Clumsy Thumbsy clips just kill me. (The last one on this clip is mine and Lindsay's favorite!)

6. She can dance. (Sorry it's not the best quality)

7. She scares people... and it's hilarious. 

8. She can influence stars to do wonderful things. ;)

9. I just love Sophia Grace and Rosie. 

10. She just so funny, and I love her laugh. 

Love her! :) And thank you youtube! 


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