Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Love Demi Lovato

Okay, so similar to The Big Bang Theory, I forgot to list Demi Lovato on my list of singers I love. Something to which I am very disappointed in myself for. How could I forget Demi Lovato??? I listen to her music all the time! I model my hair and style after her (a mix between her and Selena Gomez, but still). I'm disappointed in myself. So here's my list on why I love her so much!

1. Sonny With a Chance was a funny show sometimes. Yes, I used to be a Disney Channel nerd (I've amended my ways, no worries). But seriously, it was funny. I especially loved that Sonny's ringtone was of a cow mooing. Yep. I want that.

2. She can be a really good actor sometimes. I've never seen this full episode, but I have seen these clips I'm about to show you. She's very talented. It almost makes you want to cry for her.

3. I'm secretly addicted to this song. 

4. She's clumsy like me, and doesn't care. Love the 3rd time the best.

5. She's a wonderful role model. (look it's Demi with my other favorite person Ellen!)

6. I'm very much addicted to this song.

7. I love her hair and her style, very very much.

8. Not so long ago I suffered through many of the things that she did. We are so similar in ways that I do not wish to share on this blog. Demi Lovato is my hope. When I am suffering like she did, I follow what I've learned from her, to never give up. 

9. Camp Rock anyone? Anyone? Yeah me neither. It's just too cheesy you gotta laugh. And Joe's hair in this clip... too funny! And props to her for being a good singer, and for having a romantic moment onstage with her parents watching. :) 

10. She's younger than me (though I like to pretend we're the same age) and she's a role model for me. She's an inspiration to me. I think she's an incredible person. She's so strong and beautiful and has become incredibly successful. She is exactly who she wants to be and has pushed past all odds and trials to get where she is. If you can't congratulate her on that, you have little to no heart. 


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