Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week in Photos: August 6th - August 11th

So this has been such a fun and eventful week! So I didn't get my room all organized like planned. I have a lot more stuff than I thought, so it's a struggle. But when everything is all done I'll show it to you. :)

Wednesday: On Wednesday my work gave me a going away party/dinner. They invited my best friend Nick DeFilippis to come and Craig (Fritz) brought the cutest cupcakes (shown above)! His sister decorated them and they were delicious! The barn was especially for me because barn rhymes with Farnes. :)

Thursday: So it was Jimmy Johns Customer Appreciation Day. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm obsessed with Jimmy Johns. I probably have it once a week. So getting two subs for $2.42 was the most fantastic thing of my life! The line went around the store but it was totally worth it! :)

Friday: So it was the Cache Valley Fair and they had lots of cool displays and animals (all shown below). It was tons of fun spending my last day in Logan with Chris at the fair. :) 

Yes, this is a creepy doll with a knife pointed at Chris. 

Most perfect bag for me!!! But I didn't get it. However I did get a cow print wallet that I absolutely love.

Texas-Twister drink! 

Yes, this wheel was bigger than me. And there were more that were even bigger! 

New favorite goats. or only favorite goats. 

Cute cows! 

I love him! :) 

Playing at a park! 

Saturday: All packed up to leave. We barely fit all my stuff in my dad's Rav-4. It was so hard and sad to say goodbye to Chris.... 

Balloon Festival!! 

Creepy Dora Pillow Pet at Target. 


It was a fun week with Chris. I'm really missing him right now. I hope I can see him again soon! 


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