Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week In Photos: August 13th -August 19th

So I don't have very many photos this week... only like one. But I did have a good week. So I'll just recap on everything.

Monday: I started a workout video! It's really fun it mixes dance, stretching, and cardio. It's lots of fun. The rest of the day I just organized my room and stayed in my workout clothes all day.

Tuesday: Tuesday was another stay-at-home day and I worked on my room and applied for a lot of jobs. I got to watch Dance Moms and The Week the Women Went (both very fantastic television shows).

Wednesday: Really nothing exciting... I took a photo of my hair because its been looking very red lately, and I am considering dying it (more on that another day).

Thursday: I had a job interview at D & K Daycare!

Friday: Date night! But it began with a phone call... From D & K Daycare... I have a job!! :) I start training Monday morning and I'm really excited! It is also like a preschool, so my training involves early childhood education basics. I'll be playing with and teaching little kids and I am super excited! It's from 1 to 6 so I'm looking for something else to do in the mornings to make more money. Friday night was my movie date, you can find more about that on my last post. I love seeing Christopher!! (and I really wish I had taken a picture of my outfit because I loved it! (and so did Chris))

Saturday: I just worked on cleaning my room and then we watched Hunger Games as a family. It really is one of my favorite movies.

That's it. Very simple week. A little boring sometimes. This week should get better since I start work and my room is getting close to being finished (my pile of stuff in the garage might say otherwise, but we'll just go with it).


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