Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance: 8/15/2012 My Evaluation

So tonight on So You Think You Can Dance they all did former, Emmy winning, Mia Michaels routines. I absolutely love Mia Michaels and all the routines that they did were dances they I have watched over and over again! Now I don't know the dancers this season, I haven't watched any of it except the Salt Lake auditions (yeah go SLC!). I've been living in Logan with no television, so it never happened. But my mom recorded them all, so I may go watch them all.

So I liked tonight's episode a lot, but since I am such a big fan of Katee, Kayla, Twitch, and Joshua, some routines just didn't cut it for me. So here's my full evaluation of tonight's dances.

1. Mercy (the door)

  • This one I felt really disappointed with. When Twitch and Katee did this dance it was absolutely incredible. Katee burst through that door with a bang! I always felt Katee should have won that season. She is a truly remarkable dancer. So when they re did this dance, I wanted to love it, I really did, but it just didn't cut it for me. Katee and Twitch had so much power, energy, and emotion. I felt that tonight's version lacked the power, energy, and emotion. It just felt flat to me. 
2. Hometown Glory
  • This was a favorite dance of mine with Katee and Joshua (Joshua was the winner that season so he had to be good). This dance was incredible, again, because of the emotion that Katee and Joshua put into it. You could read clearly on their face what they felt. I didn't feel that emotion with tonight's version, however, I do feel that the dancers who performed were incredible dancers. They are very talented and did a wonderful job. I also agree with the judges though, they didn't help each other enough. And if you read what Mia had to say about the story of the dance ( you might agree that they needed to work better as a couple to fully perform this dance well. Overall, very good. 
3. Koop Island Blues (butt dance)
  • Ha ha. This dance is funny to me. I liked it the first time around, didn't love it. I love the dancers though, Randi and Evan, I liked them both a lot. This dance, both tonight and during season 5, loses my attention at some points (I think I have ADD or ADHD, never been tested, but you can kind of tell if you meet me). If the dancers aren't doing their job at performing, it gets boring. It is a very technically wonderful routine, however, the dancers can kill the mood. Randi and Even killed it for me a little bit, but tonight they killed it for me a bit more. Not a favorite dance, but good. Although I really wasn't fond of him jiggling her butt tonight...
4. Time
  • This choreography is incredible. Props to Mia for what she took from her father's death. She turned her sorrows into an incredibly beautiful dance. It nearly made me cry tonight because they did an incredible job! As with Koop Island Blues, this dance has potential to leave you bored at some points, they take pauses, sometimes the movement is slow. Tonight they held my attention through the whole dance. Bravo. I thought it was amazing (but every time I see it, I worry they'll slip on those flowers...).
5. Dreaming With a Broken Heart (bed dance)
  • This song gets me every time. I don't love John Mayer as a person, but he writes song lyrics that stab right into my heart, this song is one of those. This original dance with Twitch and Kherington was incredible, and I thought tonight's lacked a little bit on the wow factor. Again, it was emotion for me. I love dances where you can read the emotions in the dancers faces, Twitch was incredible at that in this dance. Tonight it lacked emotion, but the dancing was really well.
6. Calling You (the bench)
  • I did not see this dance during the season. I first saw this dance on youtube. So unlike the majority of the world, I don't have an emotional pull to this dance. Regardless, it's an incredible choreography piece (I cannot stress enough how much I love Mia Michaels). In my opinion tonight's performance of this dance and the original were equally fantastic. I really don't have much else to say on this dance...
7. Gravity
  • This has been my favorite SYTYCD routine for a very very long time. This routine is about addiction and the darkness of it. Mia Michaels said: "I love the song 'Gravity'. Instead of taking it into a love relationship, I took it into a very dark addiction, and that's how that came out of it." Using addiction as a gravity, as a pull, was an incredibly bold and real thing for me, but not in the same way. When I originally saw this dance with Kayla and Kupono I was struggling with my depression on a very difficult level (I've had depression a long time, it comes in waves). I felt like my depression was constantly pulling me down into its deep dark world. It always had a hold on me and I couldn't free myself from its grasp... like gravity. This routine was my favorite for so long because I felt like it related to my life perfectly. Kayla's face during this dance told MY story. It was the most amazing dance I had ever seen. Tonight, they did a fantastic job at recreating this routine. I'm sorry I don't know his name, but the guy who danced tonight changed the role that Kupono had played, but in a fantastic way. He made his character of addiction different than Kupono's, he was so dark and sinister, almost robotic with his movements, making him unreal. While addiction is a very real thing, it is not a human and doesn't have human characteristics, the gentleman who danced tonight helped portray that, that addiction is not human, and the female (who I also don't know her name) was caught in with something not human, but still just as deadly and dangerous. What a magnificent piece of art! I thought they did the original justice, they did Mia Michaels proud, and they nearly made me cry by telling my story again. Thank you. 

So there you have it, my opinion on tonight's routines. If you have different opinions or have something else to say about the dances, please leave a comment! I love my followers!


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