Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SINGLE vs Single...?

This post comes about because of two incidents. The first being the 500 friends of mine who have gotten married this summer... okay, that was a lie. It's only been 13. But most of them have been in the past two weeks. The second reason was that I was filling out my W4 form for my new job and had to answer a question: Single or married?

Now I've written on this blog before about my boyfriend. He's amazing. I can't imagine anyone more perfectly suited for me. We fit perfectly (it's only a bonus that he's very attractive). We're very happy together... blah, blah, blah. I don't really want to go on about how great we are anymore... because of what I'll be writing during the duration of this post. But here's an image of us just to get your imagination going:

Ha ha, you probably thought I would put a serious picture. You thought wrong. (Shout out to Utah State!)

So anyways, the real point of this post is this:
I don't know what's more difficult, being on Facebook as a single, or being on Facebook "in a relationship".
This is a ridiculous amount of options... 

 So Facebook has this new "fabulous" thing where on the side of your "Home" wall, it will tell you everyone's birthdays, upcoming events... and who got married recently. On mine, the names there have changed basically every 2 to 3 days for the past two weeks. So I'm not that old, I'm 21, however I am from Utah. And I've come to find (or rather heard) that Utah relationships are weird. For example:
Story 1: My freshman year of college I had a psycho roommate. Okay fine, she wasn't really psycho, but the way she freaked out the entire duration of Princess and the Frog in the movie theaters was very odd. She was just awkward and odd. Anyways, she met a guy in January in institute (a class thing for LDS students, also available to non-LDS students, if you want more information or locations, please leave a comment!). They went on their first date at the end of March, April they started dating exclusively, and were engaged within two weeks. Two weeks? Seriously? But it gets better. He was gone on the East Coast for the summer, working. She stayed in Utah. Their original wedding date was set for November, but you know what, they decided against it and bumped it up to August. But wait a second... he's gone for the whole summer! He only gets back to Utah one week before the wedding! Whatever shall they do? Well obviously they had to PHOTOSHOP HIM INTO THE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS. I'm not joking, kidding, or exaggerating in anyway. They NEVER got any engagement photos done and barely even had any photos together in the first place (probably from their lack of dating for very long). So they literally photo-shopped the entire invitation. I wish I could show you, but that's a bit too much of an invasion of privacy, so we won't do that. Moral of story: They got married really fast. 
Story 2: This girl I know had a sister on an LDS mission. While on that mission, she met a fellow missionary and gave him her sister's address. So my friend (we weren't very close friends , more just Facebook friends type of friends) starting writing this guy half-way through his mission (you're all going to think all us LDS people are crazy, I swear we aren't!). So they wrote each other for a year (I actually think it was just six months, but I'm going to say a year just to make the story sound better) and when the guy came back they finally met for the first time. Apparently it was love at first sight. They immediately started dating, and within a month they were engaged. Four months later they were married (can I also add that in both of these stories, the girl was 19?). Moral of story: Another fast wedding and engagement.
So onto my story: I've been dating Christopher for nine months now (almost ten). We've basically known we were getting married since December and even started planning it for this November. But I still don't have a ring, we still aren't engaged. In fact, we don't even live by each other anymore. I live two hours away from him and it's terrible! More than that, I probably won't be getting a ring for a while considering I make more money than he does. But we are planning on getting married next May (after the world ends in December 2012, yeah, we're real thinkers).

Here's a real one for you. :)

Now I vividly remember the exciting days of being single and being on Facebook and watching once a week when new friends would get engaged or in relationships. It was terrible! My old roommate Lindsay complains about it all they time. She hates it! She says it's like a slap in the face. "Oh look at all the happy couples... and now look at you and your boring single life." (this is an exaggeration, Lindsay is the most socially active person I know, her life is loads of fun)

But quite honestly, I don't understand how my situation is any better. Everyday when I see all my friends getting engaged (younger than me, I'd like to add), it's like a slap in the face to me. I've been in a wonderful relationship for longer and I'm still not engaged. I don't know what's worse. And I don't like filling out a W4 form and checking the box that says "Single" when I'm not. It's as if it's not a real relationship unless we're married.

Facebook is ridiculous. It's always just there to make you jealous of all your friends and their happy lives. Whatever. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg! We really appreciate it! ;)


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