Sunday, August 19, 2012

Other Blogs I Feel You Should Check Out

I love blogging! That might explain why my dashboard says I have four blogs (this one, my personal one, a wedding planner one, and a story one that hasn't fully developed yet (no peeking!!)). Beyond doing my own blogging, I like to look at blogs of other people. So I'm here to share a couple of my favorite blogs that I feel are worth checking out. This one is probably my favorite. It's like the blog that I wish mine was. This woman is funny and writes about normal everyday life. She goes to blogging conventions and such because her blog is so popular. Wish I was her. Check out her blog! Does anyone else watch The Voice? If not, check it out, if yes then you may recognize Dia Frampton from season 1. I absolutely LOVE Dia Frampton, as does my boyfriend Chris. For Christmas this last year I gave him tickets to her concert and I got him her CD. She's very talented and has a very unique voice. Here, check out her music video:

I love this song! So good! But I vote you also check out her version of Heartless by Kanye West. This song really boosted her place on the show. I tried to find the actual video, but it's a little difficult.

Well anyways, the above link takes you to her blog, which I recommend checking out simply because she is just the kindest, sweetest person. She's incredibly talented and humble about it. Her concert was incredible. This one is cool because I grew up with this girl! This is a fashion blog and it's really cute. Kalee is a really nice, sweet, funny person and her blog is something that is very important to her. So definitely check it out! This blog is way cool. You may have noticed I have their logo on the side of my blog as well! So I'm currently living in the Salt Lake area and this blog is fantastic for anyone in Salt Lake or Utah or anyone wanting to visit Salt Lake or Utah. I'm still trying to get on their "Local Blogs" page, but currently I'm happy just exploring their site. I found this blog just this week and what I've seen, I've liked. This blog has a lot of great craft and home decorating ideas, which I personally don't need right now, but I will in the future (nine months till my planned wedding!). She might not love me broadcasting her blog, but this is my old roommate and one of my best friends (and bridesmaid, she set me up with Chris, I owe her). She always makes me laugh and her blog is just fantastic. She hasn't written on it in a while and it's really just her personal life, but she always makes me laugh. So read it for a laugh or some fun. She's a really great person! This blog is a lot of fantastic teaching tools! While I'm going into secondary education and this is for kindergarten, it does have a few things I can steal, and I find it great to hear her experiences with teaching. Hopefully when I get into teaching I can add my own teaching tips to this blog!

Well that's it for now. I know of more but they aren't very prominent in my life right now. Thanks for reading! I love my followers!!


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