Monday, August 13, 2012

FLiP: Start With Happy

 So this morning I'm sitting at the kitchen table, dripping in sweat. I started a new workout program today. It's called FLiP by Tamara Squires. What's cool about this DVD program is that my mom was one of the testers! She went to workout with Tamara and tested out the FLiP system.
Tamera has been a teacher, choreographer, performer, and fitness professional for over 25 years. She founded TAMJAMS in 1996 with the goal of sharing her passion for dance and fitness with as many people as possible. Her full bio can be found at
Now I've been dancing since I was about four and have a huge passion for dance. I hope to be a choreographer someday and coach a high school dance team. This workout kicked my butt today because I've been letting myself get out of shape. The beginning focused a lot on flexibility, and while I've never been extremely flexible, I found that my flexibility has diminished in the past few months. This workout was killer, I was sweating, and I don't sweat that much. It was also incredibly fun.
Tamera's focus is on positive thinking. With most workout programs, the focus is "IF I get the results I want by the end, THEN I'll be happy" but in the FLiP program, the goal is "IF I am happy, THEN I'll get results.
"'Happy' comes up a lot on this program. I know from my own struggles with weight, and from listening to the personal stories of my clients, that a positive mindset can be more valuable than any treadmill or meal plan.
Don't get me wrong, this is a WORKOUT. Lasting fitness takes effort: physically, mentally, nutritionally. But we're going to do it with a smile. We're going to burn calories and have a blast doing it"
Please watch this video on what it's all about:
My current weight is 133.4 (yes, I am sharing my weight with the world). But my goal weight is 120 and I want to be more toned and flexible all over. I'm hoping the FLiP program can help me reach these goals. I will be keeping my readers updated on what's happening with the program and my emotions and feelings that go along with it. If Tamara's plan works, I'll be more fit and have a more positive attitude in just 12 weeks. If you're interest in joining or purchasing the FLiP Program follow this link: .

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