Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Distorted Perception

Ugh. So today the FLiP video I was supposed to do was called Optimal Fitness CST (chest, shoulders, triceps). It's a 90 minute video.... I gave up after 20 minutes. Seriously, I haven't worked out or done anything remotely active in months. So to bring myself to do a ninety minute workout doesn't seem pleasant, and proved to be too difficult for me. I did a bunch of crunches and push-ups afterwords to make myself feel better about myself, but it didn't really work.

Why is our society so focused on being thin? I had to teach a class on eating disorders and was shocked at all the facts.
"Up to 24 million people of all ages suffer from an eating disorder in the US"
....24 million in the US alone! And part of the reason why we're so obsessed with being thin is because of the celebrities being thrown at us on the covers of magazines! Something I learned while researching this though, was that those images are hardly ever real. In fact all magazines use photoshop.

Now I would say that Faith Hill looks great in either picture. So why do the magazine editors feel the need to make her arm slenderer? Our perception of beauty is severely distorted. I don't know if any of you saw the Dove videos that went around youtube. It showed a woman being transformed through makeup and photoshop until she was hardly herself anymore.

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

Well I think all my readers are beautiful. In fact, I want my readers to come to me and say that they know they are beautiful. Because you all are. Sometimes it's just hard to admit it. That's kind of what the FLiP program is about. It promotes positive thinking. Tamera's goal with this program is to train you to think positively about your body. Every video, she's constantly tell you to smile through the pain, train your body to like what your doing. Although I couldn't finish the video today, these videos are made to help you feel better about yourself. Tamera's videos are a really good workout for someone feeling down on themselves. I think they are fun and you can feel that you're really working yourself! I suggest you check it out, because this...

...is in no way an accurate way to analyze your own body. You are beautiful, even without photoshop. http://tamjams.com/flip_start_with_happy

And just for the fun of it... let's end with a musical number!! :)


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