Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creative Invitations

So again, Pinterest has got me interested in creative invitations lately. Basically since I graduated high school I started keeping my friend's invitations to help me find what I like and don't like (and I've seen many that I don't like, but that's for another day). So this post has none of my friend's invitations (to protect their privacy) but is all stuff I've found online.

So this is a fun one. It's kind of a chaos of words, but I think that's what makes it so cool! It has all the details necessary for an invitation and a bunch of cute little pictures. Since this picture was found online I can't be sure, but I'm thinking this invitation defines the personality of the couple. I highly recommend using an invitation that helps define you and your fiance. 

This one is a Save-the-Date, but it's adorable! It shows the date of the wedding, shows the couple in a way that shows their personalities. This couple is adorable. 

I really like this one because while it has many different parts to it, all are connected with the image of the heart. It's a rustic, simple type of invitation, but sometimes a lot of images or colors is too much.

I love this one because of all the colors (that I'm assuming are the couple's theme colors). Their picture matches the invitation perfectly and everything is connected through the colors. 

This is a very cute DIY envelope that can be found here: This is a wonderful idea! When you're getting married, it's great to show of how happy the couple is, and by adding something like this to your invitation, the receiver of the invitation will know exactly how much you love each other. 

This is one of my favorite Save-the-Date ideas. Sometimes I'll have an invitation for a wedding but forget the date and forget to make the necessary plans to go. This is fantastic because the sticker will help you remember exactly when it is so you can make plans to go!

This one is lots of fun and funny! It shows their personalities and is just fun. 

This one is adorable to me. Another movie spoof. Lots of fun!

Love this one! 

This one is like an airline ticket. Very fun and different.

There are so many more wonderful invitations available for you to look at out there on the internet. I recommend checking out and of course, Pinterest. 

Thanks for reading!!


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