Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the Job Hunt Continues!

Let me begin this post with a little background (if you read my other blog (Solo Ballroom Dancer) then you are already caught up (if you want to read my other blog, there's a link on the homepage of this blog, just click on Solo Ballroom Dancer under the cow)).

So I'm a student at Utah State University... but I ran out of money. Yes, my parents would have helped out, and yes I could probably take out another loan, however, I'm trying to be more responsible. Which makes complete sense considering my plan of action ended up being to move back home with my parents.

The way I see it, I'd rather stop wasting my money on an apartment in Logan and just move back home for free. So I quit my custodian job (finally) and moved back home with my parents. Well there you have it. There's the background. Oh! Also, I left my boyfriend back in Logan (who I am engaged to be engaged to) and I feel so lonely without him! :(

So my days living at home begin something like this:

Calmly, but disgustedly, staring at my laptop, looking up new jobs to apply for (and lets be honest, getting distracted by youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more wonderful sites). It's kind of nice that I can just apply for jobs at home... in my bed... but at the same time, online applications suck.

For example:
You notice an employee stealing from the company! What do you do?
a. Ignore them
b. Stare at them so they know you've seen them
c. Talk to the employee during your break
d. Tell the supervisor

Yes, this is a real question on an application I filled out, and yes those were the real answers. "Stare at them so they know you've seen them"? Seriously? Because when people stare at me I stop what I'm doing to make sure I haven't done anything wrong. Who on earth would pick 'b'? And  quite honestly, you know that they want to hear the answer 'd'. But sometimes in a situation like that I feel going straight to the source is better than being a tattle-tale.

So my staring at my laptop turns to this:

...because it's not just the questions on an application, it's the AMOUNT of questions. I literally spent forty-five minutes on one application. And that's not even the worst part! When you submit an online application, your chances of being contacted are very very slim. In fact, it's basically like your odds are 1/10000000000 (or maybe I'm really not qualified for any job). 

It's ridiculous because I'm looking for anything in the Salt Lake Valley. That's a big amount of area, and there are tons of posted jobs on and other job finding sites. But it doesn't matter, because when you've worked as a custodian for the past three years, people don't really care that you have more experience than that. All they see is CUSTODIAN. But I don't want to be a custodian anymore. I took the job because I was desperate for a job and I was constantly looking for something else, but never found anything in Logan (and don't even get me started on job searching in Logan, worst thing ever). But three years later I was still a custodian. 

I was a receptionist in a doctors office for one summer and I loved it! I love having a job where I can dress up everyday. I absolutely love skirts, dresses, and heels. But you can't wear that being a janitor. And apparently one summer of receptionist work doesn't mean you're "qualified" for a different receptionist job. Oh. So how do you ever become "qualified" for receptionist work if when you DO work as a receptionist, it doesn't count? 

I suppose I'm just confused. Everyday it's the same thing. I apply for a bunch of jobs... but my phone and email remain silent. Not even a call for an interview. Nothing. Silence. Worst silence ever. 

I'm living at home with my family where my mom, dad, and older sister all have full time jobs, and even my 16 year old brother has a job (custodian, ironic huh? He'll have the same problem as me someday). So I sit at home and do nothing while all my family works. 

I promise that I'm a hard worker and I am a fast learner. Someone please hire me! I promise to love you forever! 

Sigh. Too bad it doesn't work like that. 

If anyone knows of any jobs available in the Salt Lake Valley, please let me know. I love my followers!! 


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