Friday, August 31, 2012

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Dear USU Men's Soccer Team....

Dear USU Men's Soccer Team,

I regret to inform you that you're missing out on a fantastic player by not choosing my boyfriend to be on the team. I've never seen someone so dedicated to soccer in my life. He's always playing soccer, watching soccer, studying soccer, thinking about soccer, ditching his girlfriend to play soccer...

He's a fantastic player and I truly feel that he loves the game more than the player that you did choose. So bad choice on your part. He's the greatest I know. Shame on you.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy birthday dad! You're the greatest!!!

Cheap Online Wedding Dresses!!

Okay, I'm about to share with you three different websites that just blow my mind!!

This dress is only $57.56 through the website above!

This one is $123.99!

This dress is $189.99!

Now I would like to clarify a few things. I did show dresses that were lower priced on purpose. They do have more expensive dresses, some much more beautiful and elegant. For example: 

The above dress, priced at $599.99, happens to be Helene Bridal's most expensive dress on the website. 

This one, through Jen Jen House, is $338.99, and one of their most expensive. 

Lastly, this one through Sammy Dress is $145.33.

As a note, Sammy Dress has a very small collection of dresses, but are the cheapest. All these websites have beautiful dresses for a bride on a budget. Lately I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress and these women go into the store with over $2000 to spend on a dress. I personally don't have that much money. So these online options are fantastic for me!

I highly recommend going into a bridal store and trying on dresses before you purchase one online. If you try on dresses, you'll know which styles look best on you, what you're looking for, and what size you are. Trying on dresses before buying online is necessary to make sure you get exactly what you want, and find the perfect dress for you! 

Personally, I want this dress. And at $259.99, I can't complain much. However, I am LDS and wish to get married in the temple, and therefore must alter to dress to have sleeves. I very much recommend ordering your dress online as early as possible, so that the possible alterations can be made. 

Happy dress hunting!! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

My thoughts and prayers are with all those being effected by Hurricane Isaac. 
I will always pray for those in need. 


Cutest Video... EVER!

I just wanted to share this with all my followers! It's so adorable!! I want kids like this!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Movies That Make Me Cry

Here's another list for you, of the movies that make me cry the most. Don't worry, I'm not planning on giving away the plot or anything, no spoiler alerts necessary, it's just a list. I do recommend all these movies for viewing. Yes they make me cry, but that's what makes them so wonderful! I also want to point out that for fun I did a Google search on "movies to cry to" and someone actually said Twilight. Really? I might have cried from its ridiculousness and the horrible acting, but I don't think it's really a "tear-jerker" type of movie. I know I missed some really good ones, I just can't think of them right now... Maybe I'll add more in later, or do a second post about this, but for now, enjoy these ones! Thank youtube!!

1. The Hunger Games (this is also one of my favorite movies EVER and probably the best movie commercial ever, it's amazing, if you haven't seen this movie yet, do it now!!!)

2. Remember the Titans (there are a select few movies that I consider to be incredible works of film making. This movie is one of them. Possibly the greatest movie ever. If you haven't seen it, do it now!!)

3. A Little Princess (I love to quote this one)

4. P.S. I Love You

5. UP

6. The Notebook

7. Titanic (I feel like I can talk more about this one because most people already know the story of The Titanic, and the trailer gives most of it away as well, but SPOILER ALERT!!  I'll be honest, it's not the love story that gets to me, it's watching that ship sink. My goodness, the tears just start rolling in because it's just so horrific! The musicians playing make me cry. The old couple in bed as water is flowing under them makes me cry. It's just a crying movie. But very very good.)

8. A Walk to Remember (if it's Nicholas Sparks, you should already know it will make you cry.)

9. Charly (this is a new commercial because it's back in theaters again, but it's kind of a weird commercial.... It is an LDS movie, however, I do suggest it to anyone, it's just a really good love story. Also, fun fact, the main actress lives in Utah and her son was on the same soccer team as my brother many years ago! Cool huh?)

10. Bridge to Terabithia (this one is number ten because it probably make me cry the most out of all of these, but it's still amazing, I highly recommend it)

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married Fat

I cannot take any credit for this article. I'm simply sharing it to you.

I have to say that I like this. Really, constantly worrying about losing weight for the wedding is incredibly stressful! More importantly, you've already found someone willing to marry you just the way you are! It's not like you're trying to impress him any more. Trust me, he'll be impressed as soon as he sees you in that white dress. :)


Tiffany Alvord

Hey ya'all! If you don't already know her, I think you should meet Tiffany Alvord!

So as you can see, she's super cute. She's also incredibly talented. She had made her fame through youtube, singing covers, and has gone on to singing some original songs as well. I really like her stuff. Here's here newest cover of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

This isn't even her best cover (personally this isn't my favorite one). She is very talented and I love her makeup. She does travel and do concerts occasionally, I don't have any of those on hand, but if you leave a comment I'll find that out for you! So here's her social networking sites so you can really learn more about her:

Don't forget to check out her upcoming album, My Dream! And don't forget to follow me on Facebook!


Monday, August 27, 2012


I am happy to say that I've found this blog's theme song!!! I now present to you Party Til The Cows Come Home by Rachele Lynae.

Awesome, right? Also, does anyone else watch Psych? If not, you should, and if you do, doesn't this girl look like Abigail? I liked her.


8 Week Weight Loss/ Get Healthy Challenge!

So this is really fun because I'm doing it with my family. It can all be found through this link: So my aunt and uncle did this about a month ago, and they're starting it up again with my family. My uncle lost 28 pounds after this! 28 pounds! He said it was the easiest weight loss program he had ever done!

Now I'm only trying to lose about ten pounds (more would be nice, but everyone thinks I'd look anorexic if I lost any more than that), but this program is great because it's teaching you habits that you should already have for a healthy life. For example, the program requires that everyday you:

  • Drink 64 oz of water
  • Eat three servings of vegetables
  • Eat three servings of fruit
  • Work out 30 to 45 minutes
  • No sugary treats/snacks
This program/challenge is really easy, but it's really good because you are doing it on a competitive level! Everyone in my family participating put in $10 and the winners win the money! When you're in a competition, you're more likely to work harder. 

I'm going to keep all my followers up-to-date on how I'm doing in the challenge. I hope this inspires you to start the challenge as well! 


Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page! Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all new posts! Thanks! I love my followers!! (if this link does not work for you, please please please, let me know!)


Marriage Advice

I haven't written on this blog for a while and I hope to make this post short and sweet. Recently I met up with family I hadn't seen in a long time. My mother's aunt and her sister. The circumstances of the visit were very bittersweet; the funeral of her husband. Talking to family they gave me some advice when they learned about my boyfriend and how we plan on getting married. I wish to share it to you.

After you're married, take some time to move away from family. It's hard, but try to not visit your parents often. When you live far from your parents, you're forced to bond even more with your new spouse. You can find a love greater than you ever knew when it's just you two, on your own, learning about each other and about life. 

What Would Make You Follow This Blog???

I don't think I have to explain much more than the title. Simply put, I want people to actively follow my blog! I hope to provide information and exciting reads for everyone, and I mean everyone! Please, if you are reading this, follow my blog! I promise you that you won't regret it!

More than that, I want anyone reading this to leave a comment. Please leave a comment! Any type of comment is fine (as long as it's appropriate). I just want to know what you want to see more of in this blog and what would make you follow this blog. Thank you so much!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Products That Just... What?

I love exciting new inventions and products that make our lives better and easier. Example, I'm in love with my Kindle Fire. It's incredibly useful and just fun. But there are some new things that I just... what? Really? Can they be serious? So here's my list of weird inventions, products, technology, etc.

1. The Facekini

Okay, I barely even have words for this one. Seriously? Someone thought this was a good idea? Apparently it's the new thing on China beaches (article found here: ). My favorite part of this article is this:
"Note: the Facekini is also just the ticket if one is going straight from the beach to a bank robbery."
Do people really want to wear that to a beach? The colors make it beautiful and all... no... still not beautiful. Quite honestly, it creeps me out. But hey, if you're really that afraid of getting sunburnt or skin cancer, it's quite useful.

2. Bathmat that turns red when wet

Okay, this one makes me laugh, and is actually pretty cool. But red? Red is one of my favorite colors and all, but this seriously looks like blood. You could really freak someone out I guess...

3. Picnic Pants: For When Eating Off Your Crotch is Something You Want to Do

I swear I'm not making this stuff up. Sometime I worry about the laziness in America (and other places around the world). You can't balance a plate on your leg? You need pants to hold your plate in place? Oh, okay...? It's only a bonus that it's super fashionable as well.

4. The Defibrillator Toaster

This one is awesome. I don't really have words for it. I think it's funny.

5. Shark Pillow/Sleeping Bag

I like this one too. How fun would that be for little children? It's also great for teaching your children that sharks are nothing to really fear. Ha. But it looks like it would be comfortable...

6. AB Hancer

Ha ha. I don't have much to say about this one either. It's just too funny! This should be my new workout plan to get my six pack!! ;)

7. Honda Uni-Cub

Oh wow! How fun is that! You know what it reminds me of? The chairs for all the fat people in Wall-E.

The article I read about this product even said that Honda is supporting a fat future (found here: This are a bit better than the chairs in Wall-e, I guess, I mean they aren't as big, they don't have all these technological advances that make us just incredibly lazy. But there are others that are more like the Wall-e chairs.

8. Sleeping Bag

This one is great! On camping trips you can just wear your sleeping bag as your pajamas! And if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, no messing around with zippers trying to get out of your bag, just take it with you!! If I had this, I'd wear it around campus, just to see people's reactions. And then I could just fall asleep anywhere in my handy dandy sleeping bag! 

9. Full Body Sweater

So I go to Utah State in Logan, Utah and the winters there are really cold. Like really cold. I lose motivation to go to class because I don't want to brave the cold. So this would be kind of nice on those cold nights... but really... I would never wear that. Why? Because I'm not an alien. 

and here comes my favorite...

10. The Hawaii Chair!!!

Now I can't say much more than what you see in this video. So here you go. Shout out to Ellen!! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SINGLE vs Single...?

This post comes about because of two incidents. The first being the 500 friends of mine who have gotten married this summer... okay, that was a lie. It's only been 13. But most of them have been in the past two weeks. The second reason was that I was filling out my W4 form for my new job and had to answer a question: Single or married?

Now I've written on this blog before about my boyfriend. He's amazing. I can't imagine anyone more perfectly suited for me. We fit perfectly (it's only a bonus that he's very attractive). We're very happy together... blah, blah, blah. I don't really want to go on about how great we are anymore... because of what I'll be writing during the duration of this post. But here's an image of us just to get your imagination going:

Ha ha, you probably thought I would put a serious picture. You thought wrong. (Shout out to Utah State!)

So anyways, the real point of this post is this:
I don't know what's more difficult, being on Facebook as a single, or being on Facebook "in a relationship".
This is a ridiculous amount of options... 

 So Facebook has this new "fabulous" thing where on the side of your "Home" wall, it will tell you everyone's birthdays, upcoming events... and who got married recently. On mine, the names there have changed basically every 2 to 3 days for the past two weeks. So I'm not that old, I'm 21, however I am from Utah. And I've come to find (or rather heard) that Utah relationships are weird. For example:
Story 1: My freshman year of college I had a psycho roommate. Okay fine, she wasn't really psycho, but the way she freaked out the entire duration of Princess and the Frog in the movie theaters was very odd. She was just awkward and odd. Anyways, she met a guy in January in institute (a class thing for LDS students, also available to non-LDS students, if you want more information or locations, please leave a comment!). They went on their first date at the end of March, April they started dating exclusively, and were engaged within two weeks. Two weeks? Seriously? But it gets better. He was gone on the East Coast for the summer, working. She stayed in Utah. Their original wedding date was set for November, but you know what, they decided against it and bumped it up to August. But wait a second... he's gone for the whole summer! He only gets back to Utah one week before the wedding! Whatever shall they do? Well obviously they had to PHOTOSHOP HIM INTO THE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS. I'm not joking, kidding, or exaggerating in anyway. They NEVER got any engagement photos done and barely even had any photos together in the first place (probably from their lack of dating for very long). So they literally photo-shopped the entire invitation. I wish I could show you, but that's a bit too much of an invasion of privacy, so we won't do that. Moral of story: They got married really fast. 
Story 2: This girl I know had a sister on an LDS mission. While on that mission, she met a fellow missionary and gave him her sister's address. So my friend (we weren't very close friends , more just Facebook friends type of friends) starting writing this guy half-way through his mission (you're all going to think all us LDS people are crazy, I swear we aren't!). So they wrote each other for a year (I actually think it was just six months, but I'm going to say a year just to make the story sound better) and when the guy came back they finally met for the first time. Apparently it was love at first sight. They immediately started dating, and within a month they were engaged. Four months later they were married (can I also add that in both of these stories, the girl was 19?). Moral of story: Another fast wedding and engagement.
So onto my story: I've been dating Christopher for nine months now (almost ten). We've basically known we were getting married since December and even started planning it for this November. But I still don't have a ring, we still aren't engaged. In fact, we don't even live by each other anymore. I live two hours away from him and it's terrible! More than that, I probably won't be getting a ring for a while considering I make more money than he does. But we are planning on getting married next May (after the world ends in December 2012, yeah, we're real thinkers).

Here's a real one for you. :)

Now I vividly remember the exciting days of being single and being on Facebook and watching once a week when new friends would get engaged or in relationships. It was terrible! My old roommate Lindsay complains about it all they time. She hates it! She says it's like a slap in the face. "Oh look at all the happy couples... and now look at you and your boring single life." (this is an exaggeration, Lindsay is the most socially active person I know, her life is loads of fun)

But quite honestly, I don't understand how my situation is any better. Everyday when I see all my friends getting engaged (younger than me, I'd like to add), it's like a slap in the face to me. I've been in a wonderful relationship for longer and I'm still not engaged. I don't know what's worse. And I don't like filling out a W4 form and checking the box that says "Single" when I'm not. It's as if it's not a real relationship unless we're married.

Facebook is ridiculous. It's always just there to make you jealous of all your friends and their happy lives. Whatever. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg! We really appreciate it! ;)


Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Demi Lovato!

I wrote a post about Demi Lovato before (check it out here: ). I absolutely love her! She really is an incredible role model for me despite the fact that she's almost two years younger than me. But I just adore her and even though she may never see this, I just want to give a shout out to her.


Love her. :)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Other Blogs I Feel You Should Check Out

I love blogging! That might explain why my dashboard says I have four blogs (this one, my personal one, a wedding planner one, and a story one that hasn't fully developed yet (no peeking!!)). Beyond doing my own blogging, I like to look at blogs of other people. So I'm here to share a couple of my favorite blogs that I feel are worth checking out. This one is probably my favorite. It's like the blog that I wish mine was. This woman is funny and writes about normal everyday life. She goes to blogging conventions and such because her blog is so popular. Wish I was her. Check out her blog! Does anyone else watch The Voice? If not, check it out, if yes then you may recognize Dia Frampton from season 1. I absolutely LOVE Dia Frampton, as does my boyfriend Chris. For Christmas this last year I gave him tickets to her concert and I got him her CD. She's very talented and has a very unique voice. Here, check out her music video:

I love this song! So good! But I vote you also check out her version of Heartless by Kanye West. This song really boosted her place on the show. I tried to find the actual video, but it's a little difficult.

Well anyways, the above link takes you to her blog, which I recommend checking out simply because she is just the kindest, sweetest person. She's incredibly talented and humble about it. Her concert was incredible. This one is cool because I grew up with this girl! This is a fashion blog and it's really cute. Kalee is a really nice, sweet, funny person and her blog is something that is very important to her. So definitely check it out! This blog is way cool. You may have noticed I have their logo on the side of my blog as well! So I'm currently living in the Salt Lake area and this blog is fantastic for anyone in Salt Lake or Utah or anyone wanting to visit Salt Lake or Utah. I'm still trying to get on their "Local Blogs" page, but currently I'm happy just exploring their site. I found this blog just this week and what I've seen, I've liked. This blog has a lot of great craft and home decorating ideas, which I personally don't need right now, but I will in the future (nine months till my planned wedding!). She might not love me broadcasting her blog, but this is my old roommate and one of my best friends (and bridesmaid, she set me up with Chris, I owe her). She always makes me laugh and her blog is just fantastic. She hasn't written on it in a while and it's really just her personal life, but she always makes me laugh. So read it for a laugh or some fun. She's a really great person! This blog is a lot of fantastic teaching tools! While I'm going into secondary education and this is for kindergarten, it does have a few things I can steal, and I find it great to hear her experiences with teaching. Hopefully when I get into teaching I can add my own teaching tips to this blog!

Well that's it for now. I know of more but they aren't very prominent in my life right now. Thanks for reading! I love my followers!!


Week In Photos: August 13th -August 19th

So I don't have very many photos this week... only like one. But I did have a good week. So I'll just recap on everything.

Monday: I started a workout video! It's really fun it mixes dance, stretching, and cardio. It's lots of fun. The rest of the day I just organized my room and stayed in my workout clothes all day.

Tuesday: Tuesday was another stay-at-home day and I worked on my room and applied for a lot of jobs. I got to watch Dance Moms and The Week the Women Went (both very fantastic television shows).

Wednesday: Really nothing exciting... I took a photo of my hair because its been looking very red lately, and I am considering dying it (more on that another day).

Thursday: I had a job interview at D & K Daycare!

Friday: Date night! But it began with a phone call... From D & K Daycare... I have a job!! :) I start training Monday morning and I'm really excited! It is also like a preschool, so my training involves early childhood education basics. I'll be playing with and teaching little kids and I am super excited! It's from 1 to 6 so I'm looking for something else to do in the mornings to make more money. Friday night was my movie date, you can find more about that on my last post. I love seeing Christopher!! (and I really wish I had taken a picture of my outfit because I loved it! (and so did Chris))

Saturday: I just worked on cleaning my room and then we watched Hunger Games as a family. It really is one of my favorite movies.

That's it. Very simple week. A little boring sometimes. This week should get better since I start work and my room is getting close to being finished (my pile of stuff in the garage might say otherwise, but we'll just go with it).


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