Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Week in Photos: July 14th -July 22nd

So I'm starting my week of photos with last Saturday (please forgive me). 

Saturday: So we went to a Scottish Festival in Payson, Utah. So much fun!! Christopher is wearing his kilt that he got on his mission in Scotland, and I'm wearing the shirt that I bought at the festival. We're drinking root beer, not anything alcoholic (don't you worry, he takes care of me). 

Nick and I loved our awesome root beer bottles! 

Michelle is the one who told us about the festival. Siblings got to reunite!! 

And then we drove back to Logan so Christopher could go to work. :( I really love this picture. :)

So skip to Friday.... We went fluming. So basically the river that Christopher is walking by goes through this aqueduct thing over the road. If you go in the river, the current takes you straight down the tube thing (it's not really a tube, it's open on top). It was tons of fun, and technically illegal... :) 

The cows watched us breaking the law. 

On the drive back we saw a dairy farm with cute little calves. 

Saturday, my mom picked me up in Logan and took me back home so we could go to the Days of 47 Rodeo! It was lots of fun having a girl's night. I love my mom and sister! 

The Farm played after the rodeo. They were awesome! "Ain't no party like a farm party cause a farm party don't stop!" ha ha ha! 

And what week isn't complete without a lightsaber battle? :) I was staring at my face in the bathroom mirror as this picture was being taken. It was so hard not to laugh at myself. :) 


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