Monday, July 23, 2012

Freak Out

I had a freak out today. Chris is gone and it's my annual sleepover night with Lauren, but I don't get a sleepover tonight. Well technically I get one with Ericka, but it's not the same in any way. Something's wrong. I'm thinking too much about the decisions I'm making and where I'm going in life. I'm super stressed and I feel so alone right now...

So today, I danced.

I grabbed my laptop and headed to the HPER building on campus. I went into the dance studio and warmed up at the barre. Oh how wonderful it felt to do barre exercises again! Then I went out on the floor, practice a couple turns, then leaps, then a worker came in and told me they were closing. I had only been able to dance for a little while, but I did it. And it felt wonderful. I felt free, I felt good, I didn't feel stressed anymore. I was flying! I need to dance more.


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