Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fake Flowers

I love flowers! I find them beautiful and incredible! My Christopher surprised me with some flowers last week and they were bright and colorful and beautiful! Flowers help create a mood at a wedding reception. When I go to a wedding reception with tons of flowers, there is just a romantic feeling around the room (or outside). But one thing I've found to be very different, yet still just as perfect, are fake flowers. I'm not talking about real fake flowers with wax stems and made out of fabric. I'm talking about the creative type of fake flowers. Here's some photos to show what I'm talking about....

I love all these different ideas! Something fun about it is that you can get colors that you can't with real flowers. Sure it may take time to craft something like this, but it might be cheaper, most of them are just paper. I love the beaded one though. I've had that picture on my Pinterest for a long time. I think it's gorgeous, and even more, I am in love with that dress. It's quite possibly my dream dress, if only I could see the whole thing. 

So if any of you are interested in crafting out something like this or want more ideas about different types of fake flowers, please contact me and I'll be glad to help. :) 

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