Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm a very happy and proud brunette, and I love it! I also love hair and doing hair, specifically my own hair, but I have no objections to doing other people's hair. Here are some cute hair styles that are shown on brunette hair (although they could easily be done with any hair type or color)....

So pretty!! I just love hair! Eventually I'll move on to other hair colors, but to be honest, I don't have very many pictures of other hair colors simply because I'm a brunette. Sorry about the Selena Gomez photos, but seriously I'm in love with her and her hair. In high school I always modeled my haircuts after hers. Only problem was her hair is much thicker than mine. I believe (but am not positive) that if you click on the pictures it will take you to my Pinterest page where it can then take you to a tutorial on how to do the hairstyle. If not, let me know and I'll work on that. Or you can just go straight to my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/kayleero/hair-makeup/ . 

Also, if you are in the Orem area, I have a cousin there who is a hairstylist, and she's amazing! I don't trust anyone but her to dye my hair. You can check her out at http://www.styleseat.com/desiarnold . She's really nice and fun and knows so much about hair. She always does a fabulous job. she also does more that just hair; she will do waxing and tanning as well. I had her wax my underarms once and while incredibly painful, she did a great job. So please check her out, she's fantastic. :) 

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