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The Knight Dragon - Heroes & Villains [B.0.3]

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A man of fire flew up onto the roof of Bakersfield Industries. His body was coated in flames, covering every inch of his skin. The blaze burned without pain, it was a part of him. The flames propelling him upward into flight. He groaned as his weary, bruised body landed and the flames disappeared from his skin. He glanced down to find his black latex suit with burn marks and holes. He scowled and examined the torn fabric. Another man, only visible as a gray blur with the speed at which he ran, made his way up the side of the skyscraper and stopped suddenly.  
“Knight Dragon.” The man said, tugging and scratching at the tight, gray fabric on his legs, his body no longer blurred. “Your suit’s broken again.” He commented.
“This is the second one in the past month, Speedster.” The Knight Dragon sighed. “Cassandra keeps saying she’s researching better, fire-proof fabric, but I’m losing all trust in her.” Speedster laughed.
“I hope not all trust.”
“Just in this, I supposed.” The Knight Dragon shook his head, though there was irritation in his voice. The Speedster knew of his partner’s distaste for Cassandra Walters, and always ignored it the best he could.  She was, in the most technical sense, their boss and the Speedster did his best to stay on her good side. He wasn’t like the Knight Dragon, he couldn’t afford to mess things up with her.
“I think she just has too much on her plate.” The Speedster said in a pathetic attempt to defend her. “She’s in charge of every hero in the city, it’s got to be a lot of work.”
“I think I should just find someone else.” The Knight Dragon said, pursing his lips. The Speedster grimaced.
“Below us is a company made for a task like this.” The Knight Dragon said after a moment, the corners of his mouth twitching with eagerness.
“Bakersfield has an anti-supers policy.” The Speedster argued.  “They’re searching for a cure for powers. You can’t just walk around the building asking for help.”
“I can research the employees. I’m sure I can find one person capable of creating me a suit that actually allows me to use my powers to their full potential. I don’t want to hold back. It’s hurting us. I have to find someone to help me.”
“And how are you going to tell them? Are you actually going to admit you’re the Knight Dragon to a Bakersfield employee? You do realize if anyone finds out who you really are you’re looking at huge consequences. The press would go insane.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” The Knight Dragon fought back a mischievous grin. “But I need a better suit. And weapons. We lost that villain tonight because he used weapons. We need a better way to fight back.”
“True.” The Speedster agreed, dragging out the word. “It was much easier when they only fought back with powers.”
“Bakersfield has to have someone who can create new suits and weapons for us. The company is the leader in engineering and technology. In this building there is someone wanting a challenge and not living up to their potential. I have to find them.”
“And you’re willing to bring someone new into our little trust circle?”
“I’d have to wouldn’t I?”
“It’s just not safe. For you or the person you get. They’ll have to lie for you. You’re going to have to trust them a lot.”
“I can find someone.” The Knight Dragon said confidently.
“Well, as your best friend I’ll stand behind you. But good luck. I’m excited to see what’ll happen if your secret gets blown.” He teased with a grin. The Knight Dragon lightly punched his arm.
“If my cover gets blown, I’m taking you down with me.”
“Lucky for me the whole city doesn’t know my name. Shouldn’t be a big deal if they figure it out.” The Speedster pointed out. The Knight Dragon sighed and looked down at his suit. It was a big risk, but he was certain it would be worth it.

The Knight Dragon is our lead hero for the entire series of Heroes & Villains! I'm so glad I finally got to introduce him. He's pretty fantastic. And while this story is kind of meant to be suspenseful, if you have read the very first look at this series you probably know who he's going to pick to help him out... 

I've added a new song to the playlist! Fire by Kasbian. It's the beginning of dozens of songs with "fire" in the title, I'm warning you right now. But this particular song influenced the whole series so it's the most significant.

This story is probably the shortest one we have. I didn't want to fully introduce the Knight Dragon just yet. Next week's story is the first one that I planned in my original ideas. If you comprehend my weird numbering, today's story is still one of our bonus/prequel stories. Next week we get into the actual first rollout for this series. This first rollout will go till the beginning of January, however there are quite a few weeks that will be skipped due to holidays and such. Again, check Twitter and Facebook to know if an episode will be posted a certain week. 

Anyways, in my mind, next week everything really begins and I'm so excited to share it all with you, so please follow this blog and remember to come back next week at noon! 

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September Ipsy Bag

So I did film an unpackaging video for this month but it didn't turn out, I hate my hair so much in that video, and Zoram kept distracting me... so you will never see it. This month is a photos only post, but I loved doing last month's, I loved how it turned out and apparently so did a lot of you, and I hope you like this month's as well (even if the pictures aren't nearly as good as last time).

I'm feeling like I'm in a good place with my blog right now. Fashion posts will be coming back regularly (hopefully), I have more book reviews coming as I have such a lengthy reading list and may be joining a real book club, and Heroes & Villains keeps me consistently posting on a weekly basis. I'm happy where I am right now. My blog is mostly books, writing, makeup, and a little bit of fashion, and quite honestly that's a perfect portrayal of my interests so I'm liking where this blog is going.

Sorry for all the rambling, don't know how necessary it was. Anyways, here's everything I got in my Ipsy bag this month. Also, just today I used three of these products in my makeup routine so I'll give a mini review/first impression notes on them. All good things today. P.S. This bag is beautiful and my new favorite bag I've ever received.

This morning I used this mascara and HOLY. COW. My lashes look just so amazing today, I'm in love. It gives them length, curl, fullness, and a dark, natural color. This mascara does clump my lashes a bit more than I'm used to, but it's not a messy sort of clump. It's the kind where you know they're wearing makeup, but it looks good rather than looking messy... I don't know how else to describe it. 

Anyways, after just one use I'm obsessed with this mascara. It's fairly expensive, but that's what makes Ipsy so great. $10 for all of these products! 

Oh! I forgot this earlier, if you want to get your own monthly Ipsy subscription you can CLICK HERE. It's $10 a month for five makeup/beauty products plus a bag. I personally think it's one of the best deals for subscription "boxes" and highly recommend it. (Affiliate Link)

Seraphine Botanicals (Use the code IPSY30 for 30% off any purchase!)

I only used this on my lips and was very happy with the creaminess of the product. I personally get so irritated with lip colors that dry out my lips. I only go for the smoothest and creamiest ones. This, as a lip balm, works beautifully. 

However, as far as a stain goes, I don't know if it "stains" my lips as well as other products. I don't know exactly how long they intended for it to stain my lips, but it basically didn't last even half a day. I have not yet used it on my cheeks and it may get better "stain" results there. 

Overall, I will use this product a lot and I do love it, but I wouldn't consider it a stain. 

Eyeshadow in Teaser
Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics (Use code IPSY20 for 20% off any purchase)

I used this shadow this morning and was happy with it. I've been using brown shadows recently so I figured this would be similar, but this color has a lot more orange in it than I was expecting. Not a bad thing, just wasn't expected. But I like how cleanly this applies and stays well. I like it. 

Eau Thermale Avene (Use code IPSY20 for 20% off any Eau Thermale Avene purchase! (Limited time offer!))

Buff Her House of Exfoliation (Use code IPSY20 for 20% off any purchase!)

Sorry the pictures aren't as great as last month's. I was lazy and didn't get good lighting or use my real camera. That's my bad. 

Oh, and if you want real reviews on any of these products leave me a comment so I know! 

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My Life Is Different - Sunday Scrapbook

Hello friends! "Sunday Scrapbook" is a segment where I share photos and stories from the past week. And while I'm pretty sure in the past year I've only done 2 other posts, it's a segment I enjoy a lot. Hopefully we'll be doing more in the future.

I spent this past week unemployed, sitting in my apartment stressing over Heroes & Villains and moving, both of which basically happened in the same day.

Yesterday Heroes & Villains premiered on my blog! I'm not going to talk too much about it in this post, but if you want to learn more you can find all the information you need by CLICKING HERE. Basically it's a series of short stories I've written specifically for my blog. I've been working on it all year long so it's been a big project for me. Please check it out if you haven't already and give me your feedback!

Friday I loaded up a lot of my stuff onto a trailer and put it into storage. Then what we didn't put in storage was taken to my parents house. Then Chris and I spent hours cleaning our old apartment, finally left at midnight, and arrived at our new (temporary) home at 1:30. So yeah, Saturday. Big day.

And I'm still tired from the whole thing so here's our midnight picture of us leaving apartment #4 in Logan, Utah for forever, completely unedited because of my exhaustion. And just look at my hair in that picture. I'm still that level of exhaustion.

My post announcing our move was called "The Biggest Change" because leaving Logan is honestly the biggest change I've made in my life in a long time. Already I'm seeing how different my life is going to be just by leaving Logan.

Logan has been great to me. Logan gave me my soulmate so I will always love the place for introducing me to him. But it was time for us to leave. We're both very happy with our decision and anxious/excited to see what will come.

If you're wondering, I'm not actually unemployed. I do have a job lined up, I just wasn't working this past week... which was super nice. Someday I want to be able to just write all day like I did most days this week. Writing is the real job I want. Someday I'm going to get it. Just you wait and see.

I want to thank all my wonderful blog readers/friends for being so supportive of our move. I had mentioned a lot of it had to do with my miscarriage, and the love I've gotten since that tragedy in my life has been greatly appreciated. My internet friends (you) are some of my greatest friends and I feel so blessed daily to get to interact with you.

Well, I know this is a shorter "Sunday Scrapbook" post, but the lack of sleep I've had is not doing me any good. I have some relaxing to do.

Please check out Heroes & Villains! Don't forget to follow me on social media! And I will see you all next week for another post! Love you!!

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The Bakersfield Incident - Heroes & Villains [B.0.2]

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Brian Baker was led into the hotel by three police officers. News cameras flashed around him, questions shouted at him in every direction. Brian tried to ignore it all, gritting his teeth as he walked past them all at a brisk pace to get inside the building. With the press held captive outside by the police, Brian pushed through the revolving doors, greeted inside by the hotel manager. Brian was then led into a large conference room where the board members of Bakersfield Industries were to meet.  Brian looked around the table until he spotted his assistant, then moved to sit beside him.
“Give me a status report.” Brian said sharply.  Ian Meade winced.
“Do you want to wait until the board is here?” Ian asked, trying to keep his voice calm. Brian shook his head.
“No, I need to know what’s going on now.” Brian demanded, the anger and stress from the past twenty-four hours saturating his voice. Ian nodded and looked down at the conference table, shuffling through some folders lying in front of him.
“The damage was mostly contained to the Island.” Ian said, glancing around the table to make sure they weren’t heard.
“Well that’s good then, isn’t it? Nobody cares about the Island.” Brian said, sounding hopeful.
“The residents of the Island certainly do.” Ian sighed. “You’re looking at hundreds of lawsuits if they sue you for property damage.” Brian closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath.
“The houses in the Island are small and insignificant anyways.” Brian argued. “It couldn’t be that expensive for me to buy all the residents a new trailer home.” Ian frowned. He was used to his boss's dislike for the area of town nicknamed the Island -despite the city of Apple Creek being inland. This area of town housed the majority of the poorer people in the city and held the industrial areas and factories. A wealthy man like Brian Baker was sure to have his own prejudices against the Island.  But things were different now. The damage was too great to take lightly.
“Mr. Baker, while the Island was hit the most, the entire city has been evacuated.” Ian spoke carefully, enunciating each word. “If the radiation has affected all of Apple Creek we’re looking at a lot more than property damage.” Brian scowled.
“How soon till we know the latest report?” Brian asked. Ian nodded to a man sitting across from them. The man was too preoccupied with the police to notice their focus had turned on him.
“That’s Anthony Hawks, he’s a nuclear biologist . He has a team scanning the city. We should get the latest numbers by the time the board meeting starts.” Ian said.
Brian and Ian fell silent and watched as the rest of the Bakersfield Industries Board began to fill the room. When Robert Fields entered the room he glared towards Brian. Robert and Brian were the owners of Bakersfield Industries, and Robert was furious with his business partner over this whole mess. It took twenty minutes before everyone arrived, the doors closed, and the meeting began. Robert stood at the head of the table.
“Thank you everyone for meeting here on such short notice.” Robert spoke, his voice booming through the room. “As you know, at eleven o’clock yesterday morning one of our factories in the Island exploded. Apparently,” Robert’s eyes narrowed towards Brian. “Apparently this particular factory was working with radioactive substances which have been released into the air as a result of the explosion. Everyone in Apple Creek was immediately evacuated. We are here to discuss what happens now.”
“How much radiation released into the air?” Elias Morales, a board member, spoke up. Anthony cleared his throat.
“I have a team that has been scouting the city and I should be getting a report back in the next ten minutes.” Anthony said. Elias nodded, satisfied with the answer.
“How much radiation was contained in that factory?” Mark Trappers barked staring down Brian. Brian kept his eyes on the table top as the rest of the room turned towards him.
“More importantly, why was Bakersfield experimenting with radiation when it was never discussed by the board?” Robert spoke up, anger shaking his voice. Brian kept quiet. He refused to let the board boss him around. It was his company, after all. There was a knock at the door and a hotel employee poked their head in.
“Mr. Hawks you have a call on line two.” He said. Everyone turned to Anthony as he reached towards the phone in the center of the table. He pressed the necessary buttons and moved the phone to his ear. The room fell silent, anxiously leaning towards him.
“This is Anthony,” He spoke into the receiver. There was a slight pause, Anthony’s face turning into a frown. “I don’t understand.” Anthony said slowly. Glances were shared across the room, trying to decipher Anthony’s end of the conversation. “Yes, but how is that possible?” There was another paused. Brian could feel his palms beginning to sweat. It had been his decision to experiment. If Apple Creek was now a wasteland it would be entirely his fault.
“We’ll be there shortly.” Anthony said before hanging up the phone. His frown deepened and he stared at the table, looking confused. “We are to meet at the laboratories in Fosterton. My men found something they want us to see.” Anthony slid his chair back and stood.
“Do they have a report on the radiation?” Robert asked. “How’s the city?” Anthony looked towards Robert, his forehead wrinkled with his frown.
“They are detecting no radiation in the city.” Anthony stated, eyeing the members of the table. The room was silent. Brian felt as if his heart had stopped.
“What do you mean?” Brian broke the silence.
“There is no radiation in all of Apple Creek.” Anthony repeated, still frowning. “They scanned the whole city and found nothing.”
“But yesterday it was being detected!” Mark shouted, moving to his feet abruptly, knocking his chair to the floor. Anthony nodded.
“Yes,” He spoke with hesitation. “Yesterday there was an explosion that released radiation across Apple Creek. Somehow, today, all that radiation appears to be gone.”
“That’s impossible!” Elias spoke, his voice quivering. Anthony nodded.
“It is. That’s why we need to get to the laboratories to see what they’ve found.”

It took a little over twenty minutes for the board to arrive at the laboratories. Once ushered inside, the board converged into a small room, all standing before a large glass box which housed a single man. The man sat cross legged in the center of the box, his eyes closed. Brian frowned, staring at the man inside the box. He was breathing normally, clearly alive. There had been no explanation to where they were or what they were doing here, and certainly no reason for them to be staring at a man in a box.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Mark was the first to ask. A man in a white lab coat looked towards him.
“The man in this box has been affected by the radiation poisoning.” The man in the lab coat replied. The board glanced towards each other anxiously. Anthony stepped forward.
“This is Dr. Willis,” Anthony introduced him before turning his full attention back to him. “Why are we visiting a man in quarantine?”
“Because he is the answer to your question.” Dr. Willis said shortly.
“What question?” Mark rolled his eyes, his patience wearing thin.
“How can a city be contaminated by radiation one day and clean the next?” Dr. Willis asked turning towards the box. “This man is your answer.”
“Well give us the answer already!” Robert nearly shouted.
“This man absorbed a portion of the radiation in the air.” Dr. Willis replied. There was an awkward moment of hesitation as everyone tried to figure out his meaning.
“Explain yourself.” Brian’s voice rang through the silence. Dr. Willis glanced towards another lab coat clad man near the door.
“Can you hit the lights please?” Dr. Willis asked him. The room went pitch black for a moment, then a faint glow began to spread from the box. The board neared the glass box as they quickly realized the glow was coming from the man inside. There were gasps and whispers.
“What is this?” Mark shouted above everyone else.
“This man, as well as other citizens in the city, has been affected by the radiation in the air. His body absorbed some and it has resulted not in death, but in unnatural powers.” Dr. Willis explained.
“How many were affected?” Brian breathed.
“It’s difficult to say.” Dr. Willis frowned. “But enough for all the radiation in the city to be gone overnight. This isn’t like any radiation we’ve dealt with before. There’s something different about the way it was created. It’s resulting in this. People are absorbing it.” Dr. Willis gestured to the man to prove his point. “Lights please.” The lights flickered back on.
“How is this possible?” Robert asked, glancing towards Brian.
“We still have a lot of research ahead of us.” Dr. Willis said. “There could be hundreds of other people out there like this.”
“Hundreds of glowing people?” Elias asked incredulously. Dr. Willis shook his head.
“I’m afraid not.” He replied. “How familiar are you men with comic books? The radiation will affect people in different ways. While this man glows, another may sprout wings, or burst into flames.”
“So we’ve inadvertently created monsters?” Robert glared towards Brian.
“No.” Brian spoke up. “No man becomes a monster unless you convince them that they are. These people, while they may have strange abilities, they can learn to control them. They can use these powers to help people.”
“Bakersfield will be ruined.” Elias shrieked. “How will the city feel when they hear about this?”
“We can round up anyone affected by the radiation.” Robert said.
“And do what?” Brian barked. “Hide them away? Experiment on them? Kill them? No, I will not allow it. We have to give these people a chance.”
“These people will be freaks!” Robert argued.
“These people can do things that we cannot. What if the powers that these people receive can help other people? In comic books people affected by radiation can become heroes!”
“There are also villains in comic books. These powers could destroy humanity.” Robert continued to fight against Brian.
“But we have to give these people a chance. We have to see what they can do.” Brian said. “It won’t be easy, the city will have a lot of adjusting to make, but I believe that these people will not destroy us.”
“I have to agree.” Dr. Willis spoke up. “This man alone has so much potential. I personally cannot wait to see what else this brings.”
“Our company will be slaughtered for this.” Robert frowned.
“Then we look for a cure.” Brian suggested. “That’s what we do at Bakersfield, we build and experiment. But we give these people a chance to show us what they’re capable of first.”
“And our image?”
“We’ve destroyed dozens of buildings already,” Brian sighed. “Our image is already tainted. We will recover though, I’m certain of it. But as for these people, we have to give them an opportunity to show their skills. To become the heroes they are capable of.”

“Or the villains they’re certain to become.”

What did ya'll think of our first real story??? Please let me know in the comment section below and feel free to Tweet about it and share it with your friends! Don't forget to follow our Twitter page (@superssaturday) for bonus information on this and future stories.

Next week we have another "prequel" type episode that's pretty short, but moves us into our correct timeline. We will introduce the main hero we will follow throughout the whole series. So don't forget to come back next Saturday at noon MDT for the next story!

I love you guys! Thanks for reading! Share it with your friends and give me some feedback. Thanks!!

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