Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Knight Dragon vs. the Mortician Part 1 - Heroes & Villains [1.4]

“Oh my gosh,” Rylie Black breathed sitting on the corner of Ellie’s desk. Ellie’s head lifted to look up at her supervisor with a frown. “Just look at him. He’s so attractive.” Rylie was staring off towards the doors. Ellie glanced towards the entryway and found Ben, in a perfectly fitted blue suit, walking towards them. He gave Ellie a smile and wave as he approached them.
“He’s coming over here.” Rylie squealed. “Why would he pick the one day my hair is up? How's my makeup? Oh, he’s so hot.” Ellie glanced back at Rylie to find her still gawking over Ben, and couldn’t help but grin at her boss’s starstruck face.
“Hey Ellie,” Ben said stepping up to her desk.
“Hello,” Ellie replied with a smile, turning her chair, and full attention, toward him.
“Are you free later tonight?” Ben asked. “I need help with a special project.”
“I’m free,” Rylie blurted. Ben and Ellie both turned their full attention to her. Rylie stuck out her hand towards Ben. “Hi, Mr. Baker, I’m Rylie Black. I’m one of Ellie’s supervisors and single, so if you need anything, and I mean anything, I’m available.” Ellie couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped her mouth and Rylie shot her a glare. Ben kindly took Rylie’s hand and shook it.
“It’s nice to meet you Rylie,” Ben replied. “I’m sure in the future we could definitely use you for a project, but we’re specifically using Ellie for this one.” Ellie smiled at Ben. She would never understand how he managed to stay so calm and collective in any circumstance, awkward or life-threatening.
“You know I’d be happy to give you my personal number,” Rylie continued on. “Just in case you want to talk anytime day or night. I’d always be available for you, Benjamin.” Rylie winked. Ben glanced towards Ellie, his manners failing only slightly.
“Yeah, that would be fine,” Ben said, scratching the back of his neck. “Can I have a moment alone with Ellie to go over a few things?” Rylie pouted a moment before nodding and jumping off of Ellie’s desk.
“If you need me I’ll be nearby,” Rylie said placing her hand on his arm. Ben nodded and she walked away. Ben frowned and crouched down by Ellie’s desk.
“Remind me to get you your own office so I don’t have to worry about other people eavesdropping,” Ben said in a low whisper, glancing around at the other employees all eyeing Ellie with disdain.
“You can do that?” Ellie asked.
“Probably not,” Ben sighed. “So look, tonight I need your help. I’m supposed to hack into a security system to figure out what’s been going on. Roger has some special date tonight, I think they’re doing wedding planning with Karen’s parents, so he won’t be available. Would you be alright with going out on a case with me?”

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Zoram!!

Today is my pup's first birthday! As many of you know, we were able to get Zoram as an emotional support animal after my miscarriage. And when I think of the timeline, it's incredible how it all worked out. I learned about my miscarriage the beginning of November, but had lost my baby about two weeks prior... around the same time Zoram was born. Zoram was meant to come into our lives and he's my little baby until I can have a real one.

Here's a little bit about my pup in honor of his birthday:

-Zoram likes tennis balls, but if it's bigger than a tennis ball he's terrified of it.

-He barks way too much.

-He loves playing with my parent's dog Molly and my in-law's dog Max, though most the time Max and Molly don't seem to have as much fun with him.

-He loves to chew on things a bit too much and if he starts, he's determined to destroy it.

-Zoram loves being outside.

-His best trick is bowing to Chris.

-He loves snuggles and hugs, but only when he wants them.

-He's a fast runner and a lot of the time he seems to jump around while running.

-While he can be a big pain most the time, he really does do his job as an emotional support animal. If I'm ever crying, he knows to calm down and comes over to snuggle.

-He's afraid of everything. Just like me. And when he's scared he always comes to me to protect him.

-He's a mamma's boy, and I love it, though Chris is his best friend and playmate.

-Zoram is the cutest dog in the world. No contest. Don't you dare try to convince me otherwise.


Monday, October 17, 2016

New Hair

So... something a little crazy happened on Saturday...

Totally kidding. That's only a wig. But wouldn't I look fantastic as a blond? Also, everyone says I look like a doll in that photo, and I don't really know what to think about that.

Anyways, I did not go blond. I went darker. Thank goodness. I love having dark hair and it totally works with my Halloween costume... and personality.

I don't have much to say about my new hair, just that I love it. I slightly miss the length, but my hair grows fast so I'm not worried. I just love having long hair, and this doesn't feel long to me, not after what I previously had. But for the past few months, the length was getting on my nerves so I really needed it cut. I love my cut.


The chunk that was cut off.

My mom and brother got their hair done as well! 

This was an awkward process. 


Here's a comparison of my before and after. I don't look as happy in the after, but I promise I'm super happy about my new look! 

What do y'all think of my new do?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Ipsy Bag 2016

I want to go back to unpackaging videos, but things have been weird. I'm still adjusting to living in the Salt Lake area and working full time. And, as of yesterday, having dark hair. Also, putting most my free time into Heroes & Villains... please, please read it...

Anyways, here's my October Ipsy bag!!

I think this is one of the cutest bags. I especially love the ghost zipper. He's adorable and I'm pretty sure all Ipsy zippers are exactly the same, so this was a fun one.

I do apologize for the photos. My photo editor wasn't working and everything about my computer was being slow. I was getting super annoyed so avoiding editing photos was just better for me. Sorry if you don't like them.

My October Ipsy Products:

If you don't have Ipsy yet... what are you waiting for?!? CLICK HERE to start your subscription (Affiliate Link). It's $10 a month for five trial size makeup and beauty products in a cute bag. I honestly haven't had to buy new makeup in months. It's amazing. 

Link Within

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